About two months ago, we were shocked at how hauntingly beautiful Void Terrarium is. Void Terrarium (or void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium if you want the exactly wild name) is a dungeon crawler that brings you into the survival journey of the last human on the planet, with the help of her Caretaker Robot.

At that time, we've given you a quick overview on the gameplay features, but they're just mere words with little visual illustrations. However, the publisher Nippon Ichi Software has decided to drop a new gameplay trailer, demonstrating how this game will look and feel.

You can watch the trailer here for details, and come back for the explanation since everything in this trailer is in Japanese:

The story of Void Terrarium

The story of Void Terrarium was set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which the human race was almost completely wiped by a fungus disaster. The only one alive now is Toriko - a little girl that luckily managed to survive thanks to the glass dome called "Terrarium" that keeps her safe from the poisonous mushroom.

Err, she's not completely safe though. The glass dome only kept Toriko from most of the fungus, but she's still infected, leaving her in utter danger. A mushroom starts to grow on her right eyes, and the girl is too young to find a way to cure her disease.

Void Terrarium Is A Cute Roguelike Rpg About Prote
Toriko was left with a mushroom on her eye

Fortunately, the Caretaker Robot has found her, and now, it will do its most sacred task of keeping the last hope of human alive in the Terrarium.

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned in the previous title, Void Terrarium is a roguelike dungeon crawler, where most of the time, you'll take control of the Caretaker Robot diving into this dangerous world full of mutant creatures to find necessary resources like food, drugs, and decorations to keep Toriko alive.

Unlike other dungeon crawlers, you cannot afford to spend any amount of time you want in the dungeon. Toriko is dying due to the fungus infection, so you can't leave her alone for too long. Instead, you'll have to carefully manage your time, bringing drugs and foods back to protect the girl.

Void Terrarium Debut Trailer 1
The system to track Toriko's status

Through this trailer, we now have a clearer look on how your journey as the Caretaker robot looks. The combats in this game are turn-based, in which you and your enemies will trade hit in turns. You don't have a wide range of skills to choose from, only ranging from a maximum of four skills, not to mention that they're not available since the beginning.

To be more specific, each time you head down to the dungeon, your level will be completely reset, and you'll have to start again from level 1. This is quite challenging but intriguing, as you can try numerous skill builds with every adventure, and find the perfect combination for your playstyle.

Void Terrarium Debut Trailer 2
Collect necessary items to keep Toriko alive

Adding some protecting methods for your adventure, you can find several power-ups on the way. From the trailer, you can see there is an item that makes every hit that the enemies blow on you missed, so you can make use of when encountering more than one foes.

Void Terrarium Debut Trailer 3
There're some power-ups that you can use to stand against several enemies

Furthermore, you can see the Caretaker Robot throwing stuff that he has collected on his enemies as well. It sucks that you can't bring them back to Toriko, but sacrifice some in exchange for some better ones is not a bad deal.

Void Terrarium Debut Trailer 4
Explode them wịth unused items

Last but not least, the trailer also features Toriko's gameplay as well. She doesn't do much rather than using the decorations that the Caretaker Robot left to furnish the Terrarium, making it a better surviving shelter.

Supported platforms and release date

Void Terrarium will launch for PS4 and Switch in Japan on January 23. The worldwide launch date hasn't been confirmed yet.