You've already acknowledged how great the world and the story in the Witcher series is. That's why you shouldn't miss this game about traveling from the former Witcher developers.

It's Wanderlust Travel Stories, and it's the best way for you to travel without spending thousands of dollars on a real trip.

Let's check the game's trailer below:

Prime your mind before traveling in real life with Wanderlust Travel Story

Instead of following the trends of fast-paced action and extremely hardcore bosses, Wanderlust Travel Story encourages "slow gaming". Basically, it recommends you to really feel the emotive experience in every trip, rather than grinding continuously.

Wanderlust Travel Stories 4
No one wants to rush with their trips!

According to the developer, Wanderlust Travel Stories is a text adventure-style game, which will bring you to the aesthetic memory of tourist experience. To be more specific, you'll join a meeting between travelers in a small pub in Hanga Roa. In there, you'll exchange your experience of visiting a new place with your fellows. And while they're enjoying your story, you'll dive in, and make your own journey through your own choices.

Wanderlust Travel Stories 1
You will be the main protagonists in their journey

The story will be different depending on your choices. However, the changes will be kind of subtle and mundane, but it portrays the realistic thoughts of us. Choosing what to wear, where to stay, who to talk to and who to respond to, etc - that's what we spend most of our time on when traveling.

Wanderlust Travel Stories 3
You can see your emotional states, remaining cash on the top right corner

You'll see you all story through a bunch of text and beautiful real pictures as well. From the tasty markets in Thailand to the peaceful Antarctic seas, all of the fantastic scenery will make your journey very picturesque.

Wanderlust Travel Stories 2
Wanderlust Travel Stories has a lot of beautiful picture of famous attractions

But the game isn't that simple. Apart from enjoying your trips, you'll need to care about another thing. Stress, fatigue, and money are always issues that give tourists headaches in real life, and the same goes for Wanderlust Travel Story.

When will this game come out

Promising over 12 hours of gameplay with 6 continents and 21 countries to visit, the developer seriously needs more time to work on this game.

Wanderlust Travel Story will come out on August 28. At launch, it will support both PC through Steam and iOS through the Apple Store.

Its price will be $19.99 - only a small amount of money compared to a normal low-end trip to other countries.

Even though it's still best to see the world through your own eyes, Wanderlust Travel Story is a good title to enjoy at any time you want!