Since past two months several YouTube channels have been hacked belonging to renowned Indian streamers and professional esport players. Team SouL player Aman Jain was shocked to find that his YouTube channel with 275k subscribers was hacked. The hacker changed channel name to Ripple XRP [CEO Brad Garlinghouse] which is a cryptocurrency company.

Rishab Karanwal learnt about his channel being hacked when he was streaming on YouTube

After which Rishab Karanwal aka RakaZone Gaming lost his first YouTube channel Football Forever having over 100k subscribers to another bitcoin crytocurrency named Binance Exchange. Rishab was live streaming when his fans and audience alerted him that a video has been posted on his old channel. Realizing that it's not a prank from his audience, he immediately alerted YouTube team on Twitter. He is yet to get his channel back. Later he has revealed that such channels have been taking place in India. While speaking to GuruGamer, he said, "I want my channel to be retrieved. Such hackers on YouTube should be controlled and banned. "

Aman Jain managed to get back his YouTube channel with all the content which was deleted by the hacker. YouTube has a policy to store data of deleted content for a period of two months and it can be retrieved from the database. A report in The Sun claimed that over 800 million users were affected after Windows 10 update which led hackers to steal login details of the user.

Aman Jain managed to retrieve his account after appealing to the video content platform.

SouL Aman while clarifying how is channel got hacked revealed that an automatic update of Windows 10 on his computer system gave access to hackers which stole login details of his channel. He also said that he did not receive any email informing him about the change in ownership of his channel. Microsoft was informed about the bug by the National Security Agency after which they sent a free patch to 800 million users to fix the issue. Recently, Microsoft announced that they have managed to fix 100 security holes in Windows operating systems including Internet Explorer.

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