At the start of this year, we have announced you Wing of Darkness is coming to PC and PS4. And after 6 months since that announcement came out, we haven't got any further information on the game.

Until today! The developer has released a brand new gameplay trailer, and the visual and gameplay of the game are no jokes!

You can see it for yourself below:

Wing of Darkness is a gift for mecha fans!

The game's full name is Yuyoku no Fräulein: Wing of Darkness. It's the product from the indie developer Production Exabilities.

Take place in the fictional future world, Wing of Darkness tells the story of the Earth being invaded by huge and mighty enemies from the sky - the Blankers. These spaceship-looking creatures are too hard for the small humans to overcome, and they're posing a terrible annihilation threat to humans' being.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 3
Human is on the verge of extinction, and it needs the mecha pilots!

Fortunately, the last ray of hope suddenly appears with the new Anti-Blanker technology called the HELT-System. It's basically the mecha armor that allows the controller to fly freely while unleashing heavy firepower. However, the controllers of HELT-system must be female, and this special mecha pilot force is called Fräulein.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 10
The fate of this world lies in the hands of the Fräulein

The game will follow the girl Klara ERNST. She was just an ordinary woman, but her life totally changes at the moment she realizes that she's gifted with the Fräulein talent. Her journey of saving the world and discovering herself begins, and she'll uncover the mystery behind that invading creatures.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 6
Meets Klara ERNST - the main heroine in the game

About the gameplay

The developer has described Wing of Darkness as "high-speed flight shooting game".

Basically, you'll suit up your mecha and fly up to the sky. From there, your objective is to shoot down the huge exotic spaceship. You can enjoy the flying experience, dashing everywhere you want to dodge the firepower from it and shoot back at them with your unlimited ammunition.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 11
There are many of them, so be careful

Using Unreal Engine 3, the game features insanely beautiful graphics, and the characters are pretty well-made as well. The only thing that we don't know right now is its story, which I'm really looking forward to!

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 4
The game really looks like an anime!

When will it come out?

Wing of Darkness will come out for both PS4 and PC in 2019. There's no information on the exact date or the cross-platform support at this moment.

However, the developer has planned for a full English translation, which is perfect for non-Japanese speakers like us!

You can find the full introduction of the game on its official site, and it's in English too. The page features some great pictures that you can set as your wallpaper while waiting for the game to come out!