Previously, we've announced you about the beautiful anime-like aerial mecha shooter - Wing of Darkness. At that time, we only had a new gameplay trailer, but it only comes after 6 months of the first announcement. It seems the developer Production Exabilities is not so excited to prime up for its game.

Now, three more months later, we have some details on the main protagonist's weapons. But first, let's see the beauty of the game through this trailer first:

About Wing of Darkness

We've covered the story of Wing of Darkness in our previous articles, and feel free to give it a check for detailed information. However, here's a brief summary in case you don't have time.

The fictional world in Wing of Darkness is facing a terrible threat - the Blankers. They are the alien creatures that look like huge spaceships, and they've breached into our sky.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 11
There are many of them, so be careful

These creatures are too powerful for humans to overcome, but fortunately, we've invented an Anti-Blanker technology. It's the HELT-System - a mecha armor which grants the controller the abilities of free-flying and heavy firepower as well. However, this device can only be controlled by the female - the Fraulein.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 10
The fate of this world lies in the hands of the Fraulein

We'll step in the shoes of Klara ERNST, the main heroine in the game. She was just an ordinary girl but later realize her Fraulein talent. Now, she'll have to embark in the sky with the HELT-System to shoot down the invaders, find the mystery behind them and save the world.

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 6
Meets Klara (the blond one) - the main heroine of the game

Wing of Darkness is a"high-speed flight shooting game", in which you'll control your mecha flying around and complete your final objectives - take down the giant spaceships. You can admire the sweet visuals powered by Unreal Engine 3 and smooth control through the trailer above. And after that, let's see every weapon in Klara's arsenal through the reveal below.

All weapons in Wing of Darkness preview

Production Exabilities has chosen another channel to reveal the weapons in Wing of Darkness. The first time the game was teased was through its official website, the second time is through Youtube, and now it's through Twitter.

Here's the tweet from the developer, which you can have a look:

From the video below, we can say that the HELT-System is a heavy arsenal itself! Not only can it bring out heavy rifle fire, but it can also launch a bunch of missiles and rockets as well! Amazing! However, we don't know whether can we bring all of those 8 weapons to a battle, or we can only choose several types, or we have to choose one from each type.

Fortunately, from the previous announcement, the developer has revealed that Klara's weapons have unlimited ammo. But don't misunderstand that you can just fire as long as you want. They will run out of bullets, but it'll get reloaded right after some seconds. If they don't, then how can Klara stand a chance against such huge invaders?

Wing Of Darkness New Trailer 3
The fight in Wing of Darkness is fast-paced and breath-taking

Even so, you'll still need to choose the right one at the right time for certain enemies. Consequently, how you take advantages of your arsenal and your flying prowess is crucial toward final victory and high records.

This does bring some strategic elements to the game, which we haven't acknowledge before. I'm really looking towards to try it!

Supported platforms

Wing of Darkness is coming for PC and PS4 in 2019. The developer hasn't revealed any specific release date yet, but it's promised to come at the end of this year.