As we are getting closer to the release date of Arsenal Demon, the developer Blast Programming has introduced a free demo of this first-person mecha shooting game.

Here's a short trailer which shows the two-minute footages of wall-running and dual-gun firing. You can have a look to prepare while waiting for your PC to finish downloading the demo version:

About Arsenal Demon

With Arsenal Demon, the developer Blast Programming doesn't focus much on the story. As a result, the concept of the game is very simple, as you'll take control of a powerful war machine in the cyber world - Arsenal Demon, making its way to revenge. It seems that the 'Angels' - a bunch of mechanic machines has done something bad to you, so you'll have to dive in the arena and shoot down hordes of them.

Arsenal Demon Bring The Extremely Fast Paced Mecha
Shoot down the 'Mecha-Angels' to revenge!

That's it for the story. With this self-published title, Blast Programming wants to focus more on the gameplay. As a result, they've made you the coolest war mecha ever. People called you an arsenal for a reason. You can choose two weapons from your collections, grab both of them on your hands and run-and-gun hard to kill your enemies.

Arsenal Demon Bring The Extremely Fast Paced Mecha
Dual-gun wielding makes you the coolest mecha ever!

Standing still while shooting is a bad idea since your enemies outnumber you, and they're not weak either. There are totally 8 Angel types, which varies in strengths and speed. There are also some "Exalted" types as well, which will be the bosses of the level. Manage to shoot them down, and you can get to the next level.

Special gameplay features

In Arsenal Demon, you'll have to sprint around the maps, double jump, wall-walking, hoping and dashing at insane speed to avoid them while finding a good chance to strike. The pace of this game will make you nauseous, like riding on a roller coaster. But once you get used to it, you'll find yourself enjoy dashing around more than shooting the mechs down.

Arsenal Demon Bring The Extremely Fast Paced Mecha
This game features an extremely fast pace

That's why the developer adds some rewards for slaying enemies. Once you shoot down some Angels, you can collect some kind of temporary boosts to enhance your power. There are totally 5 kinds of Power-Ups, which varies from making you invincible to guaranteeing that you'll always crit.

Arsenal Demon Bring The Extremely Fast Paced Mecha
Gain your power by running and unleash a deadly crit shot

Speaking about crits, the faster you move, the more powerful your shot is going to be, to the point that you're going to crit. However, with the boost, you can fire any shot at any situations, and it's going to be crit your enemies down to ashes.

Game modes

You can enjoy the mech shooting fun in Arsenal Demon in two play modes. The first one is the Classic Mode, in which you can simply get into the fray without any grinding.

But if you want to gain upgrades and unlock more abilities, get right into the Demon Mode. It's basically a story mode, in which you'll have to climb through many levels and gain new weapons as well as upgrading your power on the way. There will be 8 weapons, which you can freely choose our duo to comes to battle.

Arsenal Demon Bring The Extremely Fast Paced Mecha
You can enjoy the game in two play modes

There's also a Leaderboards as well, which you'll have to compete with other online players for most points. Killing one enemy only gives you a fixed amount of points, so you'll need a multiplier to raise your records. The multiplier will appear and increasing as you keep your killing streak, so always running around is not good choice either.

Free demo on Steam, official version comes next month

Arsenal Demon demo version is free to get now on Steam. However, it only has 4 over 8 weapons, so your experience will be limited by a decent amount.

The official version of the game will launch on October 11. In case you might forget it, add the game to your Wishlist on Steam now to get the notifications.

Arsenal Demon will come out for PC through Steam and