WizardCraft Colonies is a top-down, base-building, management game developed and published by David Mccue on Steam. You can check out the trailer of WizardCraft Colonies below.

Just like every other game from the same genre, your main focus in WizardCraft Colonies is to make sure your colony survives while trying to expand to make your base bigger.

You will have the full control of everything a villager does in your territory. You will decide when and how much they sleep or work, what items they would carry and most importantly, what job they would take. You can also manually control a villager to explore the world and fight enemies.

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Grow crops, raise cattle to get coins

In order to make your base bigger, you will need coins, lots of coins. Every day, you will receive coins from your villagers as a daily tax for staying in your colony. Apart from that, you can gather resources from nature to sell them for coins or grow your own and raise cattle. Defeating an enemy will also give you a small number of coins.

The game also features weather and season, so you need to watch out for them to grow the right crop. There are four seasons in total, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Winter is going to be the toughest. You will need to build greenhouses to protect your crops from the cold and provide some sources of heat to keep your colony warm. Summer can also be problematic, especially in desert areas, so you will need to build some cooling tower to keep the temperature down.

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Beware of the winter cold

There are still a lot of other elements in the game for you to explore such creating an army, social interactions,... You will find the game somewhat resembles Don't Starve Together, but with more characters.

WitchCraft Colonies is now available for PC on Steam Early Access for $11.99.