Cloud Imperium Games has raised about $288 million dollars (about 2035.872 crores) to try to bring Chris Roberts' vision to life. Of this haul, $242 million (1712 crores) was directly contributed by about 1.1 million fans, with their purchase of digital toys like the Kraken spaceship, or direct cash transfer.

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The Kraken, a Carrier ship which can be used as a mobile spaceport

With a budget of almost $300 million, Star Citizen is on track to be the biggest video game ever made. It has already overtaken bestsellers such as GTA 5 or MW2. The #1 game on the list is Red Dead Redemption 2, however, with a $320 million budget.

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The most expensive videogames in history

Star Citizen aims to be a complete space sim sandbox, allowing players to explore the cold, dark void between the stars. The game will include flight simulations, first-person shooter combat, exploration, and roleplaying mechanics such as quests and player progression. The game promises backers with an interactive galaxy contains thousands of worlds and hundreds of star systems - at a scale that no video game has ever done before. After 7 years of developments, the developers have been adding quite a few layers of depth into the game, such as the first star-system and the FPS component of the game, Squadron 42. Below is the trailer for Squadron 42:

The Alpha Test version of the game is available to backers - they can regularly participate and review the currently available contents of the game. Below is a video for the latest build of the alpha test, which also contains character creation:

The aforementioned single-player campaign of Star Citizen, Squadron 42, is going to be released in 2020. A lot of effort and money has been put into the game, with an all-star cast. According to a post on the home page of Cloud Imperium, Roberts revealed that Squadron 42 is going to be finished in 2019, with the first half of 2020 serves as an alpha test to increase the level of polish. Squadron 42 would be released after the alpha phase.

Star Citizen
Squadron 42 is just a small component in the machine

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