Recently, we've announced to you about the free-to-play week of the crowdfunded game with the highest budget aim: Star Citizen. It's the product from the developer Cloud Imperium, and along the multiplayer spaceship-themed Star Citizen, the developer also introduced its single narrative game with the same universe: Squadron 42.

However, people are starting to doubt Squadron 42 possibility to become real after some consecutive delay. But it turns out the developer is saving a treat for supporters for Chrismas, as yesterday, it has released a brand new trailer showing the visual of the single-player spaceflight simulator.

You can have a look at it below to find see for yourself the detailed level of Squadron 42 at this state:

The story of Squadron 42

Squadron 42 will tell the story of the whole universe from Cloud Imperium's titles, including Star Citizen. You don't need to play Squadron 42 before getting into the multiplayer elements of Star Citizen, but it's still worth trying indeed, since its story is very intriguing and give you some inspiration to grind in the other game.

To be more specific, Squadron 42 will take you to the journey of protecting the Earth from the invasion from another planet's civilization - the Vanduul. The developer even refers this invasion to have the same scale as the Visigoths and Vandals invasion back in the time of the Roman Empire.

Squadron 42 Visual Trailer 3
Stepping into the shoes of the Earth protector to fight against an alien invasion

Stepping on the role of a newly-enlisted of the United Empire of Earth, you'll have to learn about other mates working on the central ship, while making decisions on how to face and get over missions as well as brutal enemies out there.

Squadron 42 Visual Trailer 1
Explore the Captial Ship to learn about your duty

Gameplay features

Overall, Squadron 42 is a single-player narrative game with a mixture of RPG and adventure elements. Stepping in the role of a crew member in the capital vessels you'll learn about the story-driven campaign through a system of missions and interacting with other people there. They'll open up the story of the Earth Navy, as well as the mystery behind the Vanduul.

Apart from the interaction, you can also dive into the new level of combat in Squadron 42, which brings you from the most extensive space conflicts to back to the ground of the spaceship. We haven't known much about how you'll play in those combats yet, but it's going to happen in eye-popping visuals powered by Lumberyard Engine.

Squadron 42 Visual Trailer 2
The spaceship combats in this game are wholesome!

At least 40 distinctive vessels will be packed inside this game, and the developer stated that you'll be shocked by the hand-crafted environment that this game owns. Furthermore, you can expect some first-person shooting experience to happen both in the cosmo and inside spaceships as well.

Squadron 42 Visual Trailer 5
40 different spaceships will appear in this narrative-driven campaign

Overall, featuring all-star casts like Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill, beautiful and detailed graphics and a deep story of a content-rich universe, Squadron 42 is promised to be the same level of popularity with the insanely high-budget counterpart: Star Citizen.

Release date

Squadron 42 was first promised to come out with Star Citizen back in the first days of its Kickstarter campaign in 2014. And the result, as you know, both games were delayed multiple times before the latest schedule of Q3 2020 Alpha testing. Whether there will be another delay? It's very hard to tell, but from the trailer we've seen above, it's very likely that pledgers will be able to test the game right on schedule.

Squadron 42 Visual Trailer 4
We'll soon be able to touch our hand on this game

Meanwhile, Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 is available to purchase now. It has surpassed the record of 2500 Lakh USD after six years in the crowd-funding state, and almost reached 2600 Lakh USD after only one month of crossing the last milestones.