Star Citizen is one of the most expensive games ever developed – it is a multiplayer space simulator, with trading, combat (both starship and gunplay), currently developing by Cloud Imperium Games. The game would run on Microsoft Windows – it has been developed since 2011, with Chris Roberts of Wings Commander fame leading the teams. The game is financed mainly by crowdfunding, with the total budget currently surpassed $250 million.

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You would start the game with your own starship, free to explore the vast galaxy

To celebrate the recent release of alpha version 3.7.0, Cloud Imperium Games has started another “Free Fly” week for Star Citizen. From today to the end of November 3 rd, players can try out the game for free – explore the cold darkness of space in the cockpit of five free starships.

There would be massive space combat, EVE Online style

Update 3.7 brings quite a few changes to the resource system of the game, with the ability to gain more resources through mining. The activity sounds more tedious than fun, however, as it consists of scanning a planet, locates the mine, excavates the contents then sell them. The exciting part, however, is the chances that people would come and steal your hard-earned stuff.

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Mining in space is a tedious job

If you like what you are experiencing in the game after the free week and are willing to pay, all the starter packs for the game are getting discounted. The cheapest price to get into the action is $40 or 2830 INR. This payment would net aspiring players a starter ship, three months of insurance for your ships, a “gift package”, and 1000 Credits. The money would, in turn, be used for the continuous development of the game, however, as it is a massive project and is nowhere near completion.

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Engaging in starships dogfight

Would Star Citizen be finished someday? Debatable. The Squadron 42 game, the FPS component of Star Citizen, was just delayed once again. Multiple reports have described that a chance of directions is in the work, with a separate massive single-player campaign taking the place of the multiplayer Star Marine component. Overall, there are plenty of completed sections in the game that you can just pay and explore – the rests would be updated later.

Details plus signup links for the Free-Fly week are up at Interested in more space-themed videogames? Please check this post out for a review of the Space Company Simulator.