Following Microsoft’s current direction of porting former exclusives to PC, the cult classic RTS-action hybrid Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is getting a PC port very soon.

Original Xbox Hit Kingdom Under Fire The Crusad
Controlling your hero unit to engage in massive battles

According to a recent press release by the developers, the game would launch on steam sometime within the first 3 months of 2020. This announcement was part of Kingdom Under Fire 2’s launch – the game was released on Steam last year, ported from the 2013 PS4 version. It actually makes sense that they picked the sequel to port first as the original, being a 2004 game, is rather dated.

The core gameplay of The Crusaders has elements from the Dynasty Warriors series fused with multiple aspects of many RTS games. While controlling the main character, the player would also have to direct their army or groups of multiple units to engage in combat. The troops would have to be controlled in real-time, with either the main screen or the minimap.

Participate in massive battles that contain hundreds of combatants

There is a lot of customization available in this port. Players are able to create specialized troops with multiple roles, which can be further level up and fitted with various choices of equipment and weaponry. Keyboard and mouse support will be added in addition to the original gamepad control. The original graphics would be improved as well.

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Customize your troops with additional gears

Overall, this game is a great pick for people who enjoy Kingdom Under Fire 2's core gameplay but dislike the MMO style of progression systems.

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Plan your operations using the main map menu

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