Chimera Squad, another chapter in the story of Firaxis's XCOM series is going to hit Steam Store on April 24. This is going to be a spin-off story that occurs between the events of XCOM 2 and the upcoming XCOM 3.

Xcom Chimera Squad Interview Sequel Expansion
It is very likely that we are going to be able to use alien operators in XCOM 3, based on Chimera Squad's story

The game would focus on a group of 11 operators, assembled together in a completely new location called city 31 to create the special force team "Chimera Squad". All operators are combat veterans pulled from the ranks of both human and alien forces: Viper with their tongue and venom spit, Muton with their strength and agility, Sectoid with their psionic powers, and more. This hybrid agent group is tasked with enforcing peace after Advent's fall.

XCOM: Chimera Squad displays a brand new twist in the pace of the game. The turn order itself changed - everything is no longer fixed like XCOM 2, with both allies and enemies using the Dungeons & Dragon-style of order initiative. This system is called Interleaved Turns - characters with higher initiative would be able to move first. Players would have the ability to alter the turn order, albeit limitedly.

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Activation of Mind Control

Besides that, Chimera Squad would also include a press-your-luck mechanic. Each mission would have multiple encounters, with increasing difficulty - the more you press it the higher the reward. Soldiers that were downed early would be replaced with an android in later fights.

The turn system would be very different from the usual XCOM

To balance the difficulty of this, players would be able to deploy their troops on multiple locations on the battlefield instead of just one. This is done in a "planning phase" called Breach Mode. This is an extra tactical layer that does not present on previous XCOM games. Outside of combat, players would have to deal with problems of management in a high-tech headquarter: completing tasks, assign agents, investigations and the like.

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