With the whole country quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is very likely that you are working from home. While staying at home in the comfort of your own PC without any supervisors, it is best to find some game to play while multitasking at "work". In this list, we would list out some games that you can play on your own term without having to worry about constantly focus. All of them are turn-based, of course. For more Top list on Gurugamer, please check out this section.

5 – Faster Than Light

Ftl Rogue
Faster than light is available on mobile as well

FTL or Faster Than Light is a spaceship sim RTS with various roguelike elements. In this game, you would control a shuttle on the run from a hostile fleet. Your job is to assign the crews to man and repair the systems, fire your weapons and use various ability to repel hostiles and escape. While the game's combat is in real-time, you can pause it pretty much anytime you want. All the events in a new playthrough are randomized so that every run would be pretty much unique.

Ftl General 0
The combat can be paused at any time

4 – Crusader Kings II

Comparing to other strategy games, Crusader Kings II is a rare gem. There is little to no combat involved in this game - it is all about political intrigues, alliances, assassinations, and marriages. You would take control of a bloodline and use everything at your disposal to get your heirs into a higher place in the hierarchy.

Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury Screenshot1
Organize a crusade along with your allied states

It is a picture-perfect depiction of Europe in the Middle ages - it is not nations or armies who shaped history. The fate of the whole world is in the hand of various exceptional people. As a lot of elements in CK 2 are randomized or procedurally generated, no two campaigns would be the same.

Ss Bed4032148bcb0ffa9ede6b65e02d6aa45ef5d10 1920x1
Expand your territories throughout Europe

3 – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is the newest title in the new XCOM reboot timeline - it has definitely adapted everything that made the first game good while adding a lot of new worthwhile content. XCOM 2' turn-based combat has a lot of depth - you would control a squad of up to 6 soldiers around the battlefield to fulfill an objective - sometimes it is clearing out the arena, sometimes it is capturing a VIP...

Xcom2 Tactical Mec Target 2 Hud
Every fight would be affected by a lot of variants

The sheer variance of character abilities, weapons, enemies and terrains made every fight an extremely tense experience. There is also a based building section in which you upgrade your soldiers, learn skills and train even more unique operatives. The game is also moddable - you can further extend the length of the campaign by downloading a mod called The Long War.

10 Xcom 2
Field a squad of badass soldiers against an alien invasion

2 – Civilization V

When it comes to turn-based strategy games, the first title of the 4x genre that came up in your mind would probably be Civilization 5. The Civ franchise has been out for quite a while, but never before have they been as popular as they are right now - and most of that success could be attributed to this game.

Control your vast territories and alliances to create the most advanced country possible

Civ 5 has gathered everything that made the previous titles good - from the city upgrades, tile upgrades to battle systems and wonders. Play as some of the most famous leaders of the ancient world to conquer everything you see through either war, economy, culture or even faith.

Civ V Gameplay Video
There are a lot of ways to siege a city

1 – Total War: Three Kingdoms

If you love turn-based strategy games but dislike Civ's slower pace and combat, the Total War series would definitely be your first choice. There are a lot of Total War games, ranging from Rome to Empire to Japan, but in 2020, it is best that you play the newest and most unique Total War title, Three Kingdoms. This is the first time the series adapt China.

This is probably the most beautiful Total War game to date

Developer Creative Assembly has breathed a lot of life into the series - with each factions being very historically accurate down to the personality of the leaders. You would see Yuan Shu scramble around to form alliances while Tao Qian's absolute faith in his own crumbling bureaucracy.

All the leaders are portrayed very faithfully to the source material

In this game, you would be dealing with managing resources, quelling problems in your own court while interfering in enemies' territory through military might. The real-time battles are the best part of the series - it is highly immersive, with massive armies clashing against each other. You can always pause or skip the battle if you don't feel like controlling it, of course.

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