Resident Evil 3 Remake was released in a weirdly appropriate time: when people all over the world are struggling because of a global pandemic. In RE3, you will explore the fictional town of Raccoon City, a location under a viral outbreak. Step into the shoes of protagonist Jill Valentine, a member of the city's special force called STARS, in her quest to carve a path into the zombie horde and get out of the city alive. The game was released 2 days ago, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The protagonist is caught by Nemesis

Overall, the game is pretty much excellent in visuals and gameplay aspects. The combat is an improved version of last year's RE2 remake. Jill is much faster than Leon and Claire - she also has a special dodge. If you are able to time it right, those zombies would pretty much be sitting ducks. Jill and Carlos both have a decent arsenal of weapons, about as many as the previous game has. The story is improved - a lot of the plot details were presented in beautiful cutscenes. They have done a great job in showcasing Jill's charisma and Nicholai's villainous motive. The game also ties in pretty well with the events of RE 2, which canonically take place after the first part of RE3 chronologically.

However, these are probably everything positive that can be said about this game. For a game formerly named "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis", the titular horror icon monster barely appears. In the remake, the Nemesis doesn't really pursue you as relentlessly as he did in the original - even the Tyrant in RE2 remake was more of a presence. While Nemesis is pretty awesome when he does show up, the guy was pretty much relegated into the scripted cinematic sequences and boss battles - heavily underused.

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The improved Tyrant Model is able to use various weaponry instead of just chasing the player around and punch them like in RE 2

No backtracking - the early sections of RE3 Remake was really exciting, with beautiful visual aesthetics. However, if you are not careful and explore everything before progressing further into the main quest, the game would lock you out of coming back. The worse thing is that this is really unexpected - you would most likely not be able to see this coming.

Re3 Burning Building
The escape sequence is a recurrent theme in the franchise

There are a lot of cut contents - Capcom probably has rushed this game out of the gate, with various optional areas like clocktower and park, along with the branching choices of the original game removed. This leads to the game being super linear - you would be forced into a set route without any option to deviate. This actually cuts down a lot of replayability value, as you would pretty much see everything in the first run.

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The world was really beautifully designed

The puzzle aspect of the series is also heavily underused as well - there are barely any in the game, instead, Capcom has replaced them with even more monsters. To get the key item, you would just have to blast through all the nearby zombies. The difficulty of the game is also dumbed down, with a lot of resources available everywhere even in the hardest difficulty.

Jill Valentine Resident Evil 3 Remake Uhdpaper Com
Protagonist Jill Valentine was pretty well written, however, that alone couldn't save this game

Lastly, Resident Evil 3 Remake is super short - you would probably be able to beat the game in 6-7 hours. There is nothing else except the usual unlockables to keep you occupied - not even the original game's challenge mode. Looks like Resident Evil Resistance has taken away a lot of resources that were intended for this game. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 most anticipated games in 2020.