sually, in multiplayer games in which teams have to go against one another, for game balance, both teams would have the same number of players. However, that is not a concrete rule that cannot be broken. Dead by Daylight has subverted that rule and brought its players an authentic horror movie experience, in which a team of up to 4 survivors goes against one killer. It was such a big success that today even big franchises like Resident Evil want to emulate the formula.

In this article, would give you Dead By Daylight Mobile Release Date, along with all the information related to the game.

1 - Dead by daylight mobile release date: Gameplay

This is a 4 vs 1 type of game - up to four survivors against one killer. The survivors play in third-person perspective while the killer is always in first-person. This aspect is likely to be included in the mobile version - so if you are up for some gameplay as the killer, you would have to practice first-person perspective. The killer is invincible - the four survivors have to run away and use obstacles such as wooden pallets, windows, and various items to evade him for as long as possible.

dead by daylight mobile android
Dead by daylight mobile android: the clown capturing a survivor

In order to escape, they have to repair the five generators scattered all across the map to power the 2 exit gates up - afterward, the survivor could either exit the area or jump into a hatch somewhere. The hatch would only open if there are only one survivor left.

2 - Dead by daylight mobile version: Characters

There are 21 survivors, all designed based on the usual cast in a horror movie... some are even real movie characters like Ashley Williams of the Evil Dead series or Nancy Wheeler of Nightmare on Elm Street. The survivors' movement options consist of walking, sprinting, crouch-walking and crawling.

dead by daylight mobile india
Dead by daylight mobile India: Repair the generators

The fifth player would step into the shoes of one of the 19 killers, all designed based on movie characters: the Nightmare is Freddy Krueger, the Ghostface is the killer from Scream, Pig is the killer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre...etc. Most killers have only one movement mode - sprinting, which is always much faster than a sprinting survivor. To capture a survivor and finish them, the killer has to strike them twice with their weapon. However, this is not the only method, as there are various other methods of killing the survivors based on the killers' signature moves in the movie.

Each killer would have a unique power to give them a bigger chance against the four survivor players - as even if one escape, the killer would lose. Most of those abilities are tied to their movie power. For example, the Wraith can go invisible with a speed boost, the Hillbilly can pull out a chainsaw charge... and more. These powers can be upgraded in the course of the game, as the killer finishes more survivors.

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3 - Dead by daylight mobile release date: Advanced Gameplay

The goal of the killer is to sacrifice the survivors to the 'Entity', an evil being who rules over the world of Dead by Daylight. After a survivor is caught, they would be put on the top of various meathooks located all over the trial grounds - after 2 minutes, the sacrifice would be complete with the survivor's death. This method is not mandatory, as some of the add-ons, perks or offerings allow the killer to just finish a survivor right away.

dead by daylight mobile version
Dead by daylight mobile version: The Oni would be the main enemy in the Japanese-themed map.

The caught survivor can be saved from a hook by his fellow teammates or even himself if he's lucky. However, it would be much harder for them in the second time, with the entity literally appear to try to stab them while they are on the hook. A person would die the third time they got hooked, however.

There are some limits placed on the killer in order to give the survivor players a chance as well. While the killers run faster, they are slower in most other actions - some of these actions are even scripted: after striking a survivor down, the killer would automatically wipe the blood off their weapon... they also can't leap over pallets or quickly vault through windows.

dead by daylight mobile android
Dead by daylight mobile android: the iconic Freddy Krueger would be a part of this game

In order to deal with the killers, the survivors would be given access to a variety of items from chests inside buildings. From med-kits that can heal players after a chase to a flashlight that can temporarily stun a killer, toolboxes to repair generators faster. The best tool that the survivors have is the wooden pallets that can be pulled down when a survivor gets past. The killer would be stunned momentarily if they are right behind. The horror aspects of the game are also pushed to eleven if you are playing as a survivor. When the killer gets near your position, you would hear a heartbeat and eventually tense horror movie music - a faithful replication of the usual horror tropes.

4 - Dead by daylight mobile version: Buildings

Map in Dead by Daylight is pretty much randomized, with a single map-specific building and the killer's shack being the exception. The game takes place across the 14 realms based on the killer's origin stories. From an abandoned mental hospital, a ruined estate, the cabin in the woods... Dead By Daylight has them all. If you are a fan of horror movies in general, you would find these places aerily familiar.

dead by daylight mobile android
Dead by daylight mobile android: The cabin in the middle of nowhere

5 - Dead by daylight mobile release date: Perks

Survivors and Killers can further customize themselves with up to four perks equipped in loadouts before a game. The only rule for equipping perks is that you can't equip two perks that buff the same thing. These perks are purchased by the game currency that was earned through in-game actions.

Dead by Daylight would be available in about two weeks in India. Interested in more of our articles related to mobile games news, do not forget to visit our site every day.