Dead By Daylight, Steam’s best-seller asymmetrical multiplayer horror will be available on both android and iOS very soon. This game is a collaboration project between the Chinese mobile powerhouse NetEase Games and the original game’s developer, Behaviour Interactive.

Dead by Daylight was amongst the most successful indie title awhile ago, going head to head against juggernauts like PUBG on Steam. Its strength is the weird balance between 1 killer and 4 weaker survivors – while it might sound too imbalanced, both sides are completely able to outmaneuver each other. The killers have to catch all the survivors before they can escape – while the survivors’ job is to band together and find a way to get out.

There would be a lot of different characters for you to choose from - both survivors and killers. Each would have their own unique abilities and appearances.

While the current trend in multiplayer games currently is a battle royale, it is folly to go and compete directly when various titles like PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends have claimed almost the entire market. Dead by Daylight has steered clear from it and carve out a niche that could attract enough fans to sustain the game. However, Behaviour still constantly trying to expand the market – with Dead by Daylight Mobile being the result. This game is actually really suitable to be played on mobile devices, as the gameplay does not involve pressing too many buttons. The size of the screen also does not hamper the experience much, with the killer being the only thing you need to watch out for.

NetEase is an excellent partner to port the game into the mobile platform – they have ample experience in creating top tier mobile games from their current partnership with Blizzard. The game would be released sometime this spring – the announcement of this launch date was accompanied by a Google Play pre-registration campaign, in which players would receive extra rewards in-game for the number of accounts pre-registered for the game. Based on an interview of the game’s director, NetEase and Behaviour will be supporting and updating this game constantly.

Looks like the game would be free to play with microtransaction on cosmetics. This is pretty much the most common format that most online multiplayer mobile games adopt.

While mobile shooter games are rather dime a dozen, it is pretty rare to find a horror game on mobile. This is very advantageous to both the pc and mobile versions. The mobile version of Dead by Daylight is definitely going to have an ample amount of content right from the start, due to the years of development of the base game. The PC version, on the other hand, might get revitalized by the number of curious players converted from the other versions.

Step into the shoes of various famous horror movie characters

NetEase is also going to publish the game in South Asia, however, the release date might be slightly different. However, if you don’t mind a little lag, you can just register for the global version on the game’s website right now. This is a big partnership for both companies and NetEase’s support might be the exact thing Behaviour need to create the next mobile multiplayer craze – as Dead by Daylight is in most aspect the opposite to the trending games on the market.

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