Dead by Daylight Mobile is probably the top asymmetrical multiplayer horror game on Android right now, and if you have never played a multiplayer horror game before, maybe it is time to give it a spin. The game is free and you can play and grind it as normal without having to worry about pay2win schemes like the usual mobile games. The microtransactions are reserved for cosmetics elements like extra characters or skins.

Dead By Daylight Android
Dead By Daylight Android: This is a unique 4 vs 1 online multiplayer horror game

If you are bored with the usual battle royale like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, Dead by Daylight on Android might just do the trick. It is a vastly different game comparing to a shooter – and instead of fighting against enemies, you would have to use quick thinking and strategy to win.

In this guide, would give you some tips and tricks on playing as a survivor - and the best way to survive against the supernatural entities who are coming to get you.

1 – Dead By Daylight On Android: Graphical Edge

Repairing Power Generators is one of the most important actions as a survivor in Dead By Daylight Mobile. To do this, you would have to complete some fairly easy Quick-Time Events, however, older phones would run pretty slowly at that part.

Dead By Daylight For Android
Dead By Daylight For Android: Skill check when repairing the generator - you would need a high framerate for that

You would need a high FPS to complete these things effectively – it is best to tone down the game’s graphics settings a little to maintain a high and stable frame rate.

If you see the killer approach when fixing a generator, just run, escape them then come back. The progress of generator repairing would be saved when you leave – it is possible to come back to finish the job at any time.

2 – Dead By Daylight On Android: Coming equipped

Before entering the game, there would be a phase in which you can load your character up with perks and equipment. Perks are permanent passives you can equip on your characters – they unlock with levels and you should always use the best available.

Dead By Daylight Android Download
Dead By Daylight Android Download: The items that you can bring into the match - you would lose them if you are killed in the match

Your equipment, on the other hand, is limited to the number of uses – and you have to buy them in order to use. There are basic items like medkit, toolboxes, and flashlight, along with things that help you progress faster like the hatch key, parts for generators and such. It is best to load yourself up with the most items possible – you would be able to get even more currency when you win.

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3 – Dead By Daylight On Android: Aid your teammates

It is a 4 vs 1 game. The killer is stronger and faster than every single one of you, and the only way you could win is with superior number. Even if your teammate is useless – they can’t help you in anything or even repair the generator, they would serve as a good distraction.

Dead By Daylight Android
Dead By Daylight Android: Loadout for a survivor before searching for a match

When the killer is busy chasing them, you can continue to do whatever you are doing. The more time they spend on your teammates, the more time you would get to repair the generator and open the gate to escape.

Because of that, at a lower level, it is best to go in a group of 2. When one person is attacked, you can either do your thing or help them.

4 – Dead By Daylight On Android: Hide and Seek

The best way to do it in this game is to stay as far as possible from the killer. There are two ways to accomplish this: you can either move around slowly and stealthily… or running. Only consider going stealth if the killer has not spotted you – break into a full sprint when he does. If you are far away from the killer, it is best to run as much as possible to cut down the wasted time.

dead by daylight game download for android
Dead By Daylight Game Download For Android: Characters would have three unique perks

You should try to spend as much time as possible on the game’s objective, repairing the generator. Try to use your teammates as decoys in order to escape – while this is a “team” game, it is still your win when the three other persons get killed and you are not.

download dead by daylight for android
Download dead by daylight for android: There is a decent roster of characters for you to purchase - both survivors and killers

If the killer is chasing you, try to escape him by vault over those waist-high walls that they cannot pass – or jump out the second floor of a building and run away in a random direction. These two methods would have the highest chance of helping you escape, as the killer is bound by the rules of the game.

5 – Important items

Flashlights can be used to blind the killer for a short duration – during which you can try to save your teammates from getting picked up or hooked. Pallets can be used to slow down or stun the killer. It is best to use these two items in combination.

dead by daylight for android
Dead by daylight for android: The killer is chasing a survivor with a chainsaw

Maps can be used to reveal useful items in the 8 meters radius. It can also reveal hatches when you are the last one alive.

Lockers can be used to hide inside – you need to be careful when going inside them, as they would create a unique sound.

dead by daylight android download
Dead by daylight android download: It is important that you listen to your heartbeat

Totems – on the map there are 4 skull structures called totems, each gives the killer a perk. If possible, you must purify/break them to prevent the killer from using their perks. Skip the yellow variant “hex totem”, if there are not many of you left, as they might reveal your locations, based on what perks the killer picks.

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