India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has enacted the 21-day lockdown for the whole country yesterday and has threatened that you every one trying to sneak out of their house will be severely punished. This also means that the only way for you to have fun with your friends now is through gaming, and Dead By Daylight Mobile is going to be a great choice!

The PC version Dead By Daylight is reviewed by the users as 'very positive', and the developer Behaviour Digital is aiming to bring exactly the same frightening experience on your mobile devices. If you haven't heard about the game yet, below is the release date trailer of Dead By Daylight Mobile for you to catch the vibes:

The concept of Dead By Daylight Mobile

Dead By Daylight Mobile is a multiplayer horror game, where five players will get into a haunting ground. One of them will turn into an absolutely terrifying killer, and the four remaining ones will have to find a way out of this place while staying as far as possible from the killer. Or else, you'll be chopped and tortured before getting hanged onto a hook, waiting to be eaten.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Launch April 16 6
The jobs of the Survivors are getting away from the Killers, and open a path out of the Killing Ground

But that's much easier to talk than to do, since the Survivors could not just hide or run away from the savage Killer, expecting him to fall behind. In fact, Dead By Daylight Mobile will require the Survivors to complete a certain task, asking players to get out of the shelters to collect some items and fix a machine to open the light to the escaping path.

Meanwhile, the job of the Killer is much simpler: hunt down the Survivors one by one, and hanging onto a hook for a mysterious creature to consume them. You'll also have to keep an eye on the objectives that the Survivors are trying to complete, and obstruct it as much as you can.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Launch April 16 3
Seems illogical, but you're not dead just with being hanged, and your friend can still come to save you

Furthermore, since the Killer has to deal with 4 survivors at a time, they're blessed with their unique special ability that takes inspiration from many horror series. They include Stranger Things' Demogorgon, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and even a pig from Saw. Alongside with their special powers, their haunting visuals is also the thing that makes the survivors frightened.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Launch April 16 7
Including the scariest characters from horror movies/series

On top of everything, Dead By Daylight Mobile focus on personal achievements, which means you could just ignore your friends or use them as distractions to fulfill the missions and get out all on your own. While separation is not always the most desirable thing, it's still worth considering in the case where, you know, your team is nearly useless. In exchange, it's easier for the Killer to chase down the Survivors that separate themselves from the pack, so make your mind before you sacrifice your friends.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Launch April 16 5
You can unlock more characters and maps through grinding

Launch in April, pre-registration now for skins and other rewards

Overall, Dead By Daylight Mobile is the perfect multiplayer game to enjoy with your friends while staying at home for the next 21 days. It will launch for both Android and iOS on April 16, but you can already register to get exclusive rewards once the game launch.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Launch April 16 1
The rewards are very juicy if the game reaches 10 lakhs pre-registration

To be more specific, Android users can straight up register on Google Play Store, while iOS users have to go to its official site. Here are the rewards for each level of the number of player pre-register for the game, which is fairly easy to reach especially with the game being so popular on PC.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Launch April 16 2
iOS users will have to pre-register on the game's site

Enjoy yourself at home, and don't sneak out!