Bloober Team’s lead designer Artur Laczkowski has recently announced his first standalone project: a horror game named Death of Rose. It looks like he has been working on this game for quite a while, as it just gets a Feb 20 release date on Steam. The core mechanics of the game are third-person exploration, with a copious amount of inspiration drawn from Silent Hill games.

The story of the game revolves around Scott and his best friend Beth as they explore an abandoned school, which was previously used by a sect of the occult. The guy would then have to investigate and thread together the story of the place – from the plasters on the wall to the fleeting phantoms and the things that were left abandoned.

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Apparently jump scares would be a big part of the game

The game features dark visuals along with nostalgic sound designs that would create an intense atmosphere so that players could immerse themselves… and get spooked. The story was built interactively, with your decisions affect the outcome of character relationships and endings. Lastly, the various challenging puzzles in the game would provide challenges that players would have to overcome to progress. Dialogues choices would also be essential in this game to provide replayability value, as the script contains over 200 pages of verbal exchanges.

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Gathering up trinkets to the safe zone and solve puzzles to progress further

Death of Rose is overall very similar to Laczkowski’s previous projects with Bloober Team such as Blair Witch, Observer, and Layers of Fear. All three titles focus on exploration, story, and characters. While this is Laczkowski’s first published game, there would be more available soon, as the guy has several other titles in the works.

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