Someday You’ll Return, an indie psychological horror game made by Czech’s CBE Software is going to launch on PC on Apr 14. The console ports for the PS4 and Xbox One are going to be released later in the year.

In this game, you would step in the shoes of a father who’s searching for his missing daughter, who gets lost in an ancient Moravian forest. Everything is stranger than they might initially seem to be, and strange events would begin to occur. In time, you might even begin to question your own perception of reality. Various deep themes would be used in the game, such as lies, adult fears, past trauma… with the protagonist return to the place of his nightmarish past, digging up secrets that should have remain buried.

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Dangerous events are just around the corner - you would have to either be quick or be prepared

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The intensive craft system that would let you solve problems the most creative way possible

Developed by a team of 2 people in 4 years, Someday You’ll Return is a passion project, high effort and richly detailed, much more than the usual standards for Indie titles. The game would include intricate exploration and adventure mechanics such as an alchemy system, a crafting system, climbing, tracking, and puzzles. There is even a karma system that would decide the course of the game based on your previous actions.

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The environment is richly detailed, with a lot of creepy details

The game’s graphics have a very distinctive style – it is dark and eerie, just like the atmosphere under the forest leaves. Due to its lack of deadlines, a lot of effort was put into various details in the world. Overall, Someday You’ll Return is a surprisingly atmospheric horror game – it is definitely amongst the top tier releases of the genre in 2020. Interested in more of our articles about horror video games? Please check out this post for the most anticipated horror titles in 2020.