Florence, the critically acclaimed mobile game of 2018 about relationships and love, is going to be ported to more platforms. The game would launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on Feb 13, right before Valentine’s Day.

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Everything in this game is hand-drawn, simple yet beautiful

Florence was released back in Feb 2018 for iOS and Android. It is a twenty chapter long story about Florence Yeoh, a young musician who is living a boring life. She then meets and falls in love with Krish, a street performer. While the game didn’t sell really well, it was a huge hit with gamers and critics alike. Florence has won the award for Best Mobile Game at GDC Awards, The Game Awards, BAFTAs, DICE Awards, among others.

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The minigames in Florence are fun and simple - you can blitz through them without breaking immersion

The game would be available on Steam and GOG next week. The tales of Florence’s first love is rather linear and short, with about thirty minutes of gameplay plus some simple minigames and puzzles. The main characters’ thoughts and actions would be reflected by gameplay, from Florence brushing her teeth and checking out social media to engaging in conversations using speech bubbles and puzzle pieces. The story would be the main focus of the game, with Publisher Annapurna Interactive dubbed it to be “short and meaningful”, with thoughtful glimpses of life and love’s complexities.

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This game would definitely be able to warm your heart a little in this Valentine's Day

Florence’s amazing soundtrack would also be available on release as well, but it is best that players restrain from listening to them before the game’s completion, as the track titles pretty much spoiled the game. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the 14 best games to play while relaxing.