A few months ago, back in September, along with the release of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox in Japan, the developers at Nihon Falcom has also announced the Chinese and Hangul localizations for the game. And earlier this week, within the Falcom's financial earnings and future release plan, alongside the Chinese and Korean version of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, is the localization for other regions - hinting at a Western release for this game in the near future.

You can take a look at the game's trailer below:

Along with the plan of releasing Ys IX in the West, Falcom also mentions in their earnings report that they will 'focus on both the Ys series and the Trails series, to release them worldwide in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Ys Ix Monstrum Nox Screenshot Grimwald Night
Fighting through the Crimson Night

In a past interview with Toshihiro Kondo, the president of Falcom, back at the time when asked about the Western release of Ys IX, he said the company wasn't planned it yet - as they still had to finish making the game first. However, the Western release for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is imminent - as all the recent Falcom games are getting English version, too. Because of this, there are reasons to believe that the reveal of Ys IX is coming soon, and the only problem is who will do the localization. Based on Falcom's recent choices, it seems that they will choose NIS America again. However, many fans still remembered how bad Ys VIII's localization was, we might able to get another publisher handling Ys IX's localization.

Another adventure of Adol Christin, this time as the Crimson King

In the document, Falcom also revealed that "older games in the Kiseki series will also receive an upgrade version for the PS4 - which were known as the 'Kai' version by fans of the franchise". For this reason, it seems possible that the PS4 remake of Zero and Ao no Kiseki will come to PS4 in the future.

Ys IX is now available exclusively on the PS4, and there are currently no words about the plan to port this game to PC like Ys VIII.