12bet mobile app: download and install

The 12bet company is a famous Asian betting platform. For a long time it has been providing gamblers around the world with top-notch betting options and features. Now, you can join the 12bet club by getting the 12bet apk to your phone.

You might ask: I am from India, so is it legal for me to use the app? And the answer will be “yes, indeed” as the company is authorised by Philippines gambling authorities. So, do not be afraid, get your phone ready for the 12bet app, and make the final step to the world of extreme betting.

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Peculiarities of the Android 12bet application

You will not find the official 12bet program in the Google Play! store. There is a special notification on the site warning about it. The app is absent because of security reasons. Let us explain: every time a new casino or a betting platform launches its own application and uploads it to Play Market, hundreds of imitating cheap apps appear at once.

Bet12 Apk Download
Official website of 12bet

These fake apps are aimed for frauds. Besides that, they make the search more complicated. The same thing happened with the 2bet app. So, there are only two ways to download and install it.

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Guide to the 12bet Android app installation

You can choose one from two possible paths. They differ in methods but lead to the same results. The first way:

  • probably, you’ve noticed a link above. Follow it to be redirected to Indian.bet portal;
  • under the post title you will see two buttons: a yellow one guides to the official 12bet site, and the green button is a direct download link for the 12bet apk installator;
  • hit it to run the download;
  • in case you are reading this text from your PC, you will need to transfer the downloaded file to your phone. otherwise, you’ll find the file via the file manager app in the default download folder!

And the second way which is a bit different from the first one, looks like this:

  • go to the official 12bet Internet portal;
  • search for the Download! button situated under the language choice menu;
  • click on it and choose the Android option;
  • on the next page, choose the Android option again to run the download procedure!

And, a few words about the installation:

  • as soon as you get the .apk file to your device, launch it to start the setup;
  • wait until it ends and launch the 12bet application icon in your device main menu;
  • the app will ask you to provide it with certain permissions - let it do it to be confident that the app works normally;
  • congrats, you have installed the app successfully!

Note: though the application is known to be fully compatible with any device, it is not guaranteed to work on your specific device. If you face such trouble, get to the support center to resolve it. Also, never run or move the .apk file until it is downloaded completely (the speed will depend on your Internet connection).

Apple OS version of the 12bet application

Despite the better intellectual property contoil in the App Store, the company decided to remove the 12bet app from there as well. On the other hand, there is still a chance to get the iOS app (read about how to do it below). What is more, the betting platform owners do not leave it without care: the app goes through constant updates and improvements.

12bet App
12bet is available on many app stores and websites.

A way to get the 12bet iOS App on your device

Here is what you must complete to perform successful iOS 12bet apk download:

  • get you phone ready to scan the QR codes;
  • go to the 12bet website (it is better to do it with another device);
  • hit the Download! button that lays under the language selection menu;
  • scan the middle QR code screen with your iOS device;
  • the download and installation of the application will start as soon as you agree with all the permissions!

Now, when you’ve already finished your 12bet download, let's discuss what is waiting for you inside.

Mobile 12bet site: Is there a chance to play?

But first, let us remind you about another option. You can avoid the 12bet app download and play with the mobile version of the platform. However, there are several conditions to be met:

  • you've got powerful Internet connection with good Wi-Fi coverage;
  • your device is powerful enough;
  • you must have at least one mobile browser application. We strongly recommend not to use the standard browser they install into Android smartphones!

Usually, the website building optimization implies testing different screen widths and popular browser compatibility. The most popular browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Standard mobile browsers do not enter this list. Also, they might not have the in-built plugins to run the 12bet site properly.

If everything is OK, and your device meets all the requirements, you will find the 12bet mobile version quite pleasant. It is well-optimized, with an altered menu and layout options to appear. The only disappointment is that you will miss all the mobile app features, like quick login, improved speeds, and less traffic consumption.

What are the other 12bet important application features?

The application is safe to use, as it is impossible to track it with the 3-rd party programs. The 12bet app ensures swift access to the live bets, so you can make more bets within the same period of time.

What are the Sports to bet on in the 12bet app?

There are two main betting providers working with the 12bet platform: 12Sports and BTiSports. Both provide players with a rich choice of sport kinds that includes:

  • Soccer;
  • American football;
  • tennis;
  • table tennis;
  • horse races;
  • motor racing;
  • boxing;
  • MMA;
  • UFC;
  • ice hockey;
  • field hockey;
  • basketball;
  • baseball;
  • volleyball;
  • water polo;
  • Saba soccer;
  • rugby;
  • kabaddi;
  • cricket;
  • and others!

In addition, you can bet on results in politics, lotto, financial affairs, etc. The platform also provides you with the option to bet on esport events and play with virtual sport betting games.

12bet Casino Application: Should you give it a try?

In addition to the betting platform, we recommend downloading the casino app to feel all the range of gambling emotions. It can be found in the Casino section of the site. The app provides you with access to numerous slot and table games, with an ability to win huge jackpots and feel the real heat.

Mobile browser betting vs. Apps

The differences between the platforms exist but they are not significant:

  • as we mentioned, an app gives better access options;
  • the app shows better optimization concerning the usage of devices;
  • the mobile browser version is slightly slower and heavier;
  • the design and layout of an app is more convenient and calm!

More Mobile App Features

The application is supplied with icons and contains less text information. It means that you will not get tired of constant reading. The app has smoother animations and the number of bright, glowing, and blinking banners and carousels is minimal. The app is designed for a straightforward calm game.

Are There Any Mobile Browser Version Advantages?

Yes, there is a pair of significant advantages:

you can play the mobile version in different tabs of a browser. It is cool when you have placed two live bets and watch both matches simultaneously;

you do not have to keep two different applications to switch between a betting platform and a casino!

What bets to make in the 12bet application?

The betting options inside the application are similar to those on a site:

  • moneyline bets;
  • toilets and over/under;
  • futures and outright;
  • parlays;
  • teasers and pleasers;
  • jersey bets;
  • and others!

Advantages of using the 12bet mobile applications

  • it is more difficult to track your activity on the phone that on PC;
  • betting becomes instant;
  • place a bet independently from your location and situation;
  • it is a safe for work activity;
  • phone number verification logging in is safer than logn/password combination;
  • with an app, you do not have to worry about enormous traffic consumption!

The bonuses available in the 12bet mobile application version

There is a specific bonus available for both Android and desktop application users. To get it, you need to install a 12bet mobile or desktop utility, and make a new deposit, and confirm it in the application. You will get up to 6400 INR as bonus cash. However, this fact is compensated with a huge number of other bonuses:

  • the Grand Starter Pack includes two bonuses: make the new deposit and get the 88% addition to it instantly by clicking the Claim Now! button. In addition, you will get the 1% cashback for all your bets done. The cashback will be counted on your account every day;
  • the 100% welcome bonus means the 100% addition to the first deposit ever made in 12bet. The maximal sum to be got with the offer equals 6 000 INR;
  • the Euro 2020 bonus means an additional 38% to the deposit. The maximal sum available is 21896 INR;
  • Virtual sport kickstarter - win up to 3840 INR by making the virtual sports bets;
  • the Esports welcome bonus implies additional 8500 INR as bonus money dedicated to the esport disciplines bets!

Pay attention: all the bonuses can be claimed in the corresponding section of the site or app. Enter the Promotions tab, choose a bonus you would like to activate, and hit the button Claim Now!. The bonus money can expire. To withdraw them, you need to wager the multiple bonus sums. And do not forget about the VIP club with more interesting options. To join it, collect the points by placing successful bets.

PC requirements and possible compatibility problems

There are no major issues with the compatibility of any 12bet application. Just be confident to install the application that corresponds with your OS. As for the desktop version, your computer or device must meet the following specifications:

  • 1 GB (2 gb for Windows 7 and 10) of RAM;
  • 500 MB of harddisk space;
  • at least 256 kbit of the Internet connection speed;
  • Windows versions: XP, 7, 10;
  • graphics adapter with at least 128 MB of video memory!

As you can see, the requirements are not that harsh. By the way, the application is known to work on Windows Mac emulators. If you’ve got a problem with a mobile app compatibility, consult the support department.

Banking with 12bet made from a smartphone

Unfortunately, 12bet cannot be proud of the diversity.in the payment systems to be accepted. There are several options available from India:

  • local bank money transfer - both deposits and withdrawals take about a day. The maximal withdrawal sum is 320000 INR;
  • wire transfers can take from one to five business days. The method works only with making a deposit;
  • the Neteller ewallet system works on two sides as well. With it, you will get the maximal sum of 320000 INR, and the transfer will take 24 hours or less;
  • Skrill allows you to withdraw the equivalent of $5000. It works with depositing as well and takes the same 24 hours or less!


It is no wonder that 12bet is so popular in Asia. It is a solid and developing online betting platform. Its mobile application deserves additional fame. It is easy to control  and pleasant to work with. While the website might seem too bright, the app tunes a bettor on the thorough and clever betting session. Do not hesitate to conduct a download. and join the 12bet club.

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