Mobile gaming has come a long way since the early days of Snake and Tetris. Today, mobile games are fully-featured, high-quality experiences that rival console and PC games in terms of graphics, gameplay, and overall enjoyment, and the true potential of mobile gaming is only just beginning to be realised. 

2022 was a big year for mobile gaming. In particular, there were two major trends that are likely going to have a huge impact on the mobile gaming scene going forward, and we are going to be exploring these in this article. 

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Higher Demands and Better Performance Metrics 

One of the most notable mobile gaming trends of 2022 was the drastic increase in the performance and graphics of games. Most of the top mobile games now flaunt graphics and performance metrics that would not seem amiss on a high-end PC, and this has led to somewhat of a revolution in how people view mobile gaming. 

While mobile gaming is still a long way from getting the recognition it deserves, many people now consider it a viable form of gaming instead of just something to do on an arduous car journey. 

Whether you choose to play at sites such as Comeon casino to get your online gambling thrills or just want to sample the best of what the indie scene has to offer, the bar for mobile games has been raised substantially, and expectations seem to rise even higher as time goes on. 

Monetisation Became a Real Issue 

Onto somewhat of a more negative trend; 2022 was the year that most people realised monetisation was becoming a real issue. This was mainly showcased by Diablo Immortal’s exploitative monetisation, a situation which put many people off mobile gaming altogether. 

Players began to realise just how immoral monetisation in the mobile gaming industry was after the stunt that Blizzard pulled with Diablo Immortal, leading to an outcry from the overarching community. 

2022 was undeniably the year of poor monetisation schemes and immoral business practices, but hopefully this ends up benefiting the scene by showing developers that players are not willing to put up with being treated with little to no respect. 

In summary, 2022 was a big year for the mobile gaming industry, with more high-quality games releasing than ever before. It’s also the year that most people began to realise the true potential that mobile gaming has - no longer is it looked at as a lesser form of gaming. 

However, 2022 also brought to light the shady monetisation practices that some companies have been using to exploit their customers. This might sound like a bad thing, but it might actually be good for the industry - it could end up changing the way developers monetise mobile games. 

2022 was an interesting year for mobile gaming, and it has undoubtedly played a major part in shaping the industry. It’s going to be fascinating to see where the mobile gaming scene ends up in just a few years.