PUBG Mobile 2.4 has introduced many new features, such as a grappling hook, Dancing Lion, explosive bow, etc. The following myths can give you some secret tips to play better and get more Chicken Dinner from now on.

#1. Grappling Hook Fall Damage

The grappling hook is a new gear that works like the old Web Shooter in the Spiderman update. According to a grappling hook myth, you won't get fall damage when using this device. It's true in PUBG Mobile 2.4. No matter how high you try to reach with the grappling hook, you won't get fall damage but it even helps you move faster.

Besides, when you toss a pan into the sky and aim at the flying pan with your grappling hook, you can fly up. It's a useful tip to fly over mesh fences around the Military Base or traverse the map quickly.

Grappling Hook
The grappling hook is a useful and safe gear.

#2. Dancing Lion Speed

PUBG Mobile players can get the new vehicle Dancing Lion from the material art arena crates. You can put it in your bag when you don't need to move. This vehicle can help you run at a high speed of 80 to 120km/h.

Moreover, there is a confirmed myth that the running speed of the Dancing Lion remains when you run on a flat road or climb mountains. But you cannot climb the bridge using this new vehicle.

Run Fast With Dancing Lion
Run fast with Dancing Lion.

A useful piece of advice for noobs is not to stand in the path of the Dancing Lion. This vehicle can hit and kill players on its path at maximum speed.

#3. Anti-flame Dancing Lion

There is a secret tip with the Dancing Lion that not many players know. You can use this new vehicle to run through Molotov's flame. Players in the Dancing Lion don't take any burning damage from the flame of the Molotov Cocktails.

It's useful when you are surrounded and attacked in the apartment. Many pro players can locate you in the house and throw a Molotov Cocktail to drain your HP out. In this dangerous situation, use the Dancing Lion to run out of the flame and escape the enemies' rush.

Dancing Lion
Dancing Lion can save your life.

Besides, the Dancing Lion vehicle can also save your life from a grenade explosion. When the opponent throws an exact grenade to your hiding position, you have to switch to the Dancing Lion immediately to protect yourself. But the explosion will destroy this vehicle, so you should loot and keep some Dancing Lions in your backpack.

#4. Flaming Arrow Myths

According to a new myth in Genshin Impact 2.4, you can knock down the enemy wearing a fully intact level-3 helmet with one flaming arrow headshot. This myth can be confirmed easily if you are a pro headshot player. The flaming arrow is as powerful as the crossbow in this game which can also make an on-shot headshot kill.

Explosive Arrow Is Noisy
The new explosive arrow is noisy.

But another confirmed myth also unveiled that your enemies can hear the explosive bow reloading sound clearly. Therefore, this new weapon can be worse than the old crossbow in PUBG Mobile which is totally silent.

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