PUBG Mobile 2.2 has many new features and myths. You can get some useful tips from these myths. Check out the top 10 new PUBG Mobile 2.2 myths now.

#1. Grass Myth

According to the myth, the grass starts to render beyond 100 meters. It means that you can spot enemies lying on the grass when they are 100 meters away from you and above. You are also visible clearly when you are above 100 meters from the opponents. Therefore, don't wear in the open ground if you hear the sound of an M24 or AWM in the 100m range.

Glass Renders
Glass renders above 100m.

#2. Recoil Myth

When you reach the limit when looking up in PUBG Mobile, you won't suffer from recoil. Therefore, if you stand on the ground and look up to the second, third, or top floors of the apartment buildings to shoot the enemy, the barrel seems to stay still.

#3. Two Players On Zipline

If two players use the zipline at the same time from two opposite sides of the line, they will bump into each other and both fall down. The new map NUSA has many zip lines to help players travel faster from two mountain cliffs. If you fall down from a high zipline, you will take falling damage and die.

Two Players On The Zip Line
Two players on the zip line.

#4. Tactical Crossbow

The new tactical crossbow is the exclusive weapon in PUBG Mobile 2.2 NUSA. This weapon nearly does not have bullet drop which is similar to many bolt-action sniper rifles. It's the upgraded version of the normal bow in Erangel. But the arrows nearly fly straight to the target.

#5. Molotov

There is a myth that PUBG Mobile players can set the wooden buts on NUSA on fire with Molotov. But you cannot find this throwable on this map. Therefore, this myth is busted. Instead, you can use the flammable arrows to set fire and burn down the straw hut.

Burn The Hut
Burn the hut.

#6. Zipline

In PUBG Mobile 2.2, players can destroy and repair the zipline. No matter how many times the zipline is broken, you can repair it unlimitedly. But don't cut the zipline when your friend is using it because you can kill your teammate accidentally.

#7. Zipline Repair

PUBG Mobile players can repair the zipline by using the crossbow. When the zipline is cut, you need to stand next to an end of the line and fire at the other end. The zipline will be repaired instantly.

#8. Boat Kill

You can kill an enemy in the water by boat. It works like a vehicle on the road. Therefore, if you see a strange boat around when you are in the water, dive deep into the water and try to escape.

Kill An Enemy With Boat
Kill an enemy with boat.

#9. Secret Tunnel

There is a secret room on Crystal Bay Island and a secret tunnel below the door of that room. Many players think that they can enter the room by swimming through this tunnel. However, this myth is busted because the tunnel is blocked.

#10. Cavern

There is another tunnel under the Bulan bay building. The secret tunnel has some secret doors leading to a secret room and an underground cave in Cavern. To enter the Cavern, you have to shoot to break the door.

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