Vector is one of the most underrated guns in PUBG Mobile. But it would be different when you know how to master this gun and use it effectively. Check out some tips and tricks that pro players wouldn't tell you.

#1. Game Mode

You should use Vector in solo or duo mode because of the limited magazine of the gun. Though you use an extended mag, Vector still holds only 33 bullets. Therefore, it's not a wise choice in the squad mode because you don't have enough bullets to clear the whole enemy team.

If you can't switch the weapon quickly and respond in a timely manner, the opponent's teammate can take you down and revive the enemy you have knocked down.

Pubg Mobile Vector
Use Vector in solo mode to avoid damage drop.

#2. Extended Quickdraw Mag

The extended quickdraw mag is a must. Though it only increases the load by 7 bullets, it's still a big change for this gun, especially in the duo mode. Don't use up bullets before reloading. You should leave some bullets in the mag and reload. It helps decrease the reload duration.

That's why pro players often use ARs and LMGs that have big bullet magazines with large loading capacities. With 30-40 bullets per load, pro players often clear a full enemy team.

Use An Extended Mag
Use an extended mag to increase the bullet capacity and take down more opponents.

It's not difficult to find SMG attachments. When you land in a big city, you can easily find this attachment in a squad house or a medium building.

#3. Bullet Spray

As the base damage of Vector is not high, its single shots cannot take much HP from the enemy. But it has high bullet speed, which makes the damage per second pretty good. Therefore, you should use Vector to spray bullets in close combat.

Don't use Vector to fire single shots in mid-range and long-range combat. You may give the target the chance to escape from your sight. Therefore, you need an AR to use as the main weapon and use Vector as the secondary gun.

Use It To Spray Bullets
Use it to spray bullets to attribute damage and take down enemies quickly.

When you can master this gun and take advantage of Vector, this SMG will be useful and deadly as if it was in the hand of pro players. You can win noobs with ARs.

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