SCAR-L updates in PUBG Mobile 2.1 make this weapon a better choice for assaulters. It's now stronger than the previous version. Check out all changes in damage and recoil of the new SCAR-L in update 2.1 here.

#1. Damage Changes

All damage points of SCAR-L in update 2.1 are slightly increased, including head, chest, arm, and leg damage. Though the change is very small, it still makes this 5.56 AR less underestimated in this weapon category.

New Damage
New damage points of SCAR-L.

The damage points of SCAR-L increase by only 2.5% but it still separates this weapon from AUG and M416. Besides, it allows the wielders to kill the enemy with a level-2 helmet in two accurate shots and a level-2 military vest in 4 shots which are fewer than the old SCAR-L and M416 by one shot.

Moreover, it's also better to engage in long-range combat. The damage drops due to the distance of the new SCAR-L decreases in update 2.1.

Higher Damage Advantage
Higher damage advantage.

#2. Recoil Change

The good news for SCAR-L wielders in PUBG Mobile 2.1 is its reduced recoil. The developer team of PUBG Mobile announced that they slightly improved the recoil of SCAR-L to make it easier to control, especially in long-range combat.

After this change, SCAR-L has lower recoil than M416 which is known as the most stable AR in this game. The new SCAR-L has around 5% lower vertical recoil and 10% lower horizontal recoil than those of M416.

A Slightly Lower Recoil
A slightly lower recoil

But the recoil patterns of SCAR-L are still more unpredictable, so it's still a bit harder to control. The smaller height and width of the new SCAR-L do not mean that it's more reliable than M416.

Bonus: New SCAR-L Vs M416

SCAR-L updates in PUBG Mobile 2.1 make it better now. It's more powerful than the old version of this gun and the current version of the M416. But a lot of players still trust M416 more because it's more reliable. You should try to master SCAR-L to play like a pro player.

Scar New Updates
Learn to master SCAR-L now.

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