PUBG Mobile 2.1 was launched five days ago with tons of new features. There are also some new tips and tricks for the new sniper rifle Lynx AMR as well as the new Ancient Arise game mode.

#1. Anti-DRDM SR

Lynx AMR is the only weapon in PUBG Mobile that can kill players inside the armored truck BRDM. All weapons PUBG Mobile introduced before Lynx cannot cause any damage to enemies sitting in the BRDM until they can fire until this truck explodes.

Lynx Amr Is Very Deadly
Lynx AMR is very deadly.

Moreover, if the enemy is hiding behind the BRDM or two vehicles in a row, the Lynx AMR bullets can still penetrate through to kill him. Though this SR loses half the damage, it's still the most powerful and dangerous weapon in PUBG Mobile now. The vehicle is no longer a safe cover for players in this game.

#2. Anti-Lynx Tip

Lynx AMR is the deadliest weapon in PUBG Mobile now. But you can still stay alive from it when hiding behind the wall. Though the bullet of this gun has insane penetration, it cannot go through the wall. Besides, the bullet from this gun can neither penetrate the player's body to hit another player. It helps guarantee the game balance.

You Can Stand Behind The Wall
You should stand behind the wall to avoid being killed by Lynx.

#3. New Marking Feature

PUBG Mobile 2.1 has a new useful marking feature that lets players mark the loots for teammates quickly. Instead of using the quick chat button, you only need to hold the item of the loot to mark its location for your teammates.

#4. Life In Ancient Arise

In the Ancient Secret Arise game mode, each player has one extra life after being killed by enemies, accidents, explosions, or other causes excluding being killed by Pharaoh. When you go to fight the ancient secret guardian, the number of Recall increases to two. But the extra life is only added when you are fighting against the Pharaoh.

You Get Extra Life
You get an extra life when fighting against the Pharaoh.

#5. Kill Pharaoh To Get ARM

Lynx ARM is the rarest weapon in PUBG Mobile now. You even cannot get it from the airdrop crate no matter how many flare guns you use. PUBG Mobile players have to kill the dangerous Pharaoh boss to get this deadly sniper rifle. After this event, you may get it from the airdrop.

#6. Tips To Emperor Temple

When the Ancient Temple flies to the sky, you can use a buggy to climb to the remaining base of the temple. It's too high for your character to climb without this vehicle. When two front wheels of the buggy reach the base, get out of the vehicle to stand on the base to camp some noobs.

Be Careful When Using The Temple Gate
Be careful when using the Temple gate.

Besides, you can camp around some Emperor Temple gates to kill some enemies, even when the gate has been activated. If you need to use the gate to get to the temple, make sure that there is no camper around or you may get knocked and killed.

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