Many PUBG Mobile players still lose the game because they spot enemies slowly and miss the best time to fire. So, you need to spot enemies quickly if you want to win every combat and get Chicken Dinner.

There are many ways to spot enemies quickly and accurately. You also need a proper setting for a better gaming experience with good graphic and audio support.

#1. Visually Spot Enemies

It's sometimes difficult to spot enemies visually, especially when you have to spot enemies from the background to the foreground. Therefore, you need an excellent graphic setting to make it easier to identify the opponent.

  • Increase the brightness to 150% to increase the contrast and separate the enemies from the background.
  • Increase the phone's brightness to the proper level, then, the enemies get darker and are easier to spot. But make sure that it does not hurt your eyes.
  • The distance between the phone and your eyes is also a key factor. 15 centimeters is an ideal distance.
  • Select Smooth graphics and the highest Frame rate of 90 FPS.
Spot Enemies Visually
Spot enemies visually.

After that, you have the best visual condition to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile. Just look for the dark subject that is moving on the screen. That's the enemy.

#2. Scan The Screen

As your eyes often focus on a particular area on the screen, sometimes you miss enemies on two sides of the screen where you place your fingers. Therefore, PUBG Mobile players need to scan the whole phone/tablet screen to ensure that they don't miss any moving subject.

For example, when you scout a compound on Erangel, you should scan broken walls first. Then, focus on windows and doors to check if there are any campers or snipers. Rocks and trees are also favorite covers of players in PUBG Mobile. So, you should check those places.

Scan The Whole Screen
Scan the whole screen.

#3. Use Sense Of Sound

When you wear the right earphones or headphones, you can hear the sound of other players in their directions. If you are close to the enemy enough, you can even hear them step, unlock the grenade, reload bullets, and all their movements to locate them.

If they are far from you, you need to locate them by their gun sound and gun flash. Players can also hear the enemy at a medium distance when the enemy runs only. But the volume of the footstep sound lets you know how far the opponent is.

Listen To Every Step Sound
Listen to every step sound.

#4. Use Game Sense

Each player has a unique game sense. And pro players know how to improve and use their game sense wisely to get Chicken Dinner. It's improved through practice. The more you play, the more experienced you are. Then, you know how others often move.

For example, when an enemy enters a 2-story house, he is more likely to go upstairs to have a wider view and better angle to shoot. If you miss them at the door, you can aim to the stairways or windows on the second floor to shoot.

Improve Your Game Sense
Improve your game sense.

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