The official Livik map in PUBG Mobile has many big changes. You also need to change your tactics and gameplay on this map. Here are the best tips and tactics to get Chicken Dinner on this new map.

#1. Midstein

Midstein gets a big change in the structure with colorful big or small alleys and new buildings. It makes this area a complex battlefield in the new Livik. You should occupy the best aiming spots like building rooftops to get the advantage in the gunfight. Besides, try to get a safe corner near the blue zone circle to camp and kill late players.

Get Good Spots
Midstein is always a hot-drop location in Livik.

#2. Blomster

The new Blomster has many big avenues which divide this area into small compounds. You should explore and understand every corner of these compounds first. Then, choose the best place to hide and fight based on your favorite playstyle.

Especially, Blomster has a new football ground. Players will have fun and interesting football minigames to get coins every day. But you should be careful because enemies can shoot you down in the middle of the football game.

Shooting Location
It's important to get an aiming spot in Blomster.

#3. Logistics Center

The Lumber Yard was replaced by a new Logistics Center. The logistics center in Livik has large warehouses with lines of containers, making many paths, obstacles, covers, and hidden corners. Quickly move through narrow paths and surprise enemies if you hear and locate them.

You should also stay vigilant because you won't want sudden attacks. This place is a perfect battlefield for flexible strategies. Players have a lot of covers but keep in mind that your enemies also be covered behind these obstacles.

Livik All Day
The new Logistics Center replaced the old Lumber Yard.

#4. Iceborg

Iceborg is a new compound on an iced plain. There is a big cathedral in the center of the compound surrounded by lines of small houses. It's a perfect place for hide-and-seek games in PUBG Mobile 2.0 with quick and unexpected combat.

Therefore, you always have to pay attention to the match and reflex on panic situations and sudden attacks. If there are many enemies around but you can't locate them, just find a safe corner and bait them with smoke grenades or flashbangs.

Iceborg has many secret corners to hide.

Bonus: New Vehicle UTV

There is a new UTV car in the official Livik. It's smaller and more mobile than the Monster Truck. It can move through rough mountains and hills on this map. Moreover, this vehicle can also run through small alleys in residential areas easily and quickly.

But you should think carefully before using this vehicle to run because of its poor protection. This vehicle does not have any cover to prevent bullets and protects drivers and passengers. Only use it if you are far from the safe zone.

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