Vibrant Anniversary Mode is a very funny and exciting game mode in PUBG Mobile 1.9. You will have lots of funs and excitement in this anniversary mode. Check it out here.

Colorful Spawn Island

The anniversary theme is available to enjoy in Erangel and Livik with tons of amazement, especially the colorful spawn island. If you can only play fistfights and apple throwing in the normal spawn island, the new anniversary spawn island has more than that.

  • Colored balls: All players will get many balls in four colors: green, yellow, red, and purple. When you throw the ball at a structure, it will dye the building into the color of the ball.
  • Masterpiece monument: When you change the angle to admire the monument, its shape will constantly change.
  • You can also use the colored balls to summon giant statues. Just try it and have fun.
Dye Things In Your Color
Dye things in your favorite color.

Aerial Battleground

After having fun on Spawn Island, you should get ready for combat on the Aerial Battleground. PUBG Mobile 1.9 introduced two battlefields in the sky of Livik and Erangel. You can choose to either land on these floating platforms or go directly to the normal battlefield.

Players will have their outfits changed into a random color after landing on two aerial battlefields like the colored balls on Spawn Island. Then, they need to collect colored shop tokens around the battlefield and use them to buy supplies in the shop.

Don't be scared of combat because you won't be eliminated totally on this battlefield. If the enemy shoots you, the head ball will get bigger and make you float in the air. If your teammate hit your head while you are floating, the head ball will shrink, so you can come back to the battleground.

New Aerial Battleground
Play on the new aerial battleground.

This battleground will exist within the first five minutes of the classic match. Then, all players will be sent to the ground.

New Colorful Bike

The new mountain bike is available to loot and use in the new version. This new vehicle is very convenient and useful. Moreover, you don't need to refuel or recharge it. In addition, it can move on unclimbable terrains that other vehicles cannot.

Mountain bike does not make noise. It's also indestructible. So, it's the best vehicle for you to move alone and hide your track if you go solo or survive as the last man standing in your team. If your backpack is spacious enough, you can also store it to use after looting a house or a town.

Color Bike
Ride the colored bike to traverse the map.

New Buildings

There are many new buildings in the Vibrant Anniversary Mode with tons of decent loots and fun to enjoy with your friends.

  • Small police station: has lots of extra supplies in the Firearm Depots.
  • Small military-themed camp: you can use the vehicle radar to find a nearby vehicle.
  • Party-theme camp: players can obtain a supply crate when activating the exhibition. You can also revise lots of memories with your permanent teammates there.

These amazing features are available to experience in PUBG Mobile 1.9 now. Just come and enjoy it.

Find The Nearby Vehicle
Locate the nearby vehicle in the military-themed camp.

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