Mountain bike is available to loot and ride in PUBG Mobile now. Have you got one bike to experience this new vehicle yet? Here are all the mountain bike locations in PUBG Mobile 1.9 Erangel and Livik you may want to know.


Mountain Bike Pubg Mobile
Best places to get the mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Locations In Erangel

Mountain bike is a very useful vehicle in Erangel. It helps players move into the safe zone faster than running on foot. Moreover, it's not as noisy as other vehicles, such as cars and motorbikes. Here are all the locations of this new vehicle on this large map.

  • Stalber: There is a place for the 4th Anniversary celebration, called Vibrant Plaza, on this hill where you can loot 3 mountain bikes if you are the first team to land here.
  • North of Quarry has another Vibrant Plaza with 5 mountain bikes for a full squad.
Mountain Bike Locations Pubg Mobile
PUBG Mobile mountain bikes are available.

The spawn rate of this vehicle is higher in these spots of Vibrant Plaza. But you can still loot some single mountain bike in compounds and houses all over the map, such as Georgopol, Gatka, North of Sosnovka Military Base, Mansion, north of Yasnaya Polyana, etc.

If you go in squad mode, try to land on Quarry or Stalber first to loot these bikes before enemies. Or else, you can kill them to get the bike back. Supplies are always there for the winner of combat. If you go in solo mode, you can loot the bike in smaller areas to avoid those hot-drop locations.

Mountain Bike Locations In Livik

Livik is a smaller map with a lot of hills and rocky terrains, so the mountain bike is really handy and useful on this map. Here are all locations of this vehicle on Livik in PUBG Mobile 1.9.

  • Crabgrass: This is also a location of Vibrant Plaza in Livik, so you can get some mountain bikes. But it's also a hot drop location.
  • Midstein and Blomster are the two largest compounds in Livik with lots of houses and buildings. You need to check carefully to find the mountain bike.
  • Gronhus, Gass, East Port, Iceborg, Holdhus, and Lumber Yard have small wooden huts with some mountain bikes for solo players.
  • Waterfall, Lupin Felt, and Hotspring are outdoor compounds where you can find a mountain bike to ride to the play zone.

Vibrant Plazas are the best locations to find mountain bikes in PUBG Mobile 4th Anniversary mode. But you need to get ready for early combat.

How To Use Mountain Bike?

You need to pick the mountain bike on the map and bring it to a flat place. Then, open the backpack and the mountain bike option is below the backpack. You tap on the button to open the mountain bike to ride it.

If you want to jump through high rocks, press and hold the Jump button. When you want to put it in the backpack, make sure that your bag still has enough capacity for the bike.

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