SPAS'12 is the new shotgun in the beta test of PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update. This new shotgun will probably appear in the upcoming version. Check out some details about PUBG Mobile SPAS'12 new shotgun.

PUBG Mobile SPAS'12 Review

SPAS'12 stands for Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun using 12-Gauge bullets. It was introduced in PUBG Mobile for the first time in a previous test. But then, SPAS'12 was not launched in that version. It's likely that the development for this gun has finished and SPAS'12 is ready for the battleground of Unknown players in the mobile platform now.

Pubf Mobile Gun

Here are some details about this new shotgun. Check out some details about this new shotgun in PUBG Mobile 1.9.

#1. Base Damage

SPAS'12 has two firing modes, including semi-auto and pump action. Like any other shotgun using 12-gauge ammo in PUBG Mobile, SPAS'12 releases 9 nine pellets in each shot. Therefore, it's hard to calculate the exact damage point you cause to the target.

The total hit damage depends on how many exact pellets hit the target, the distance between you and the target, and the part of the target's body. The hit damage of each pellet in zero distance is 24 HP/hit.

It means that you can knock an enemy with level-1 armor in a 5-meter distance in one shot. But if the target is about 6-10 meters away and wears level-3 armor, you need 2-3 accurate shots to take him down.

Base Damage
Its base damage is 24 HP per hit.

#2. Effective Range

The best range of fire is within 50 meters. Like other shotguns, the damage of SPAS'12 will drop a lot when the range increases. So, you should use this weapon for close-range fights and reflex face-to-face combat quickly. Don't use this gun to engage when the target is over 50 meters away because the pellets cannot reach the enemy.

#3. Rate Of Fire & Reload Duration

SPAS'12 has two firing modes with different rates of fire. Its magazine can store 7 bullets per load. In the semi-auto fire mode, its fire rate is higher than existing shotguns. It can shoot 300 bullets per minute.

You can shoot 7 bullets consecutively before reloading. But it would be a deadly mistake if you fail to knock the enemy before running out of bullets because SPAS'12 takes a longer time to reload than M1014. In specific, this new shotgun takes up to 6 seconds to reload an empty magazine.

But the reload duration is shorter if the mag has at least a bullet left. Therefore, you should leave a bullet to reload faster.

Reload Duration
The reload duration is pretty long.

#4. Attachments

SPAS'12 won't support any attachment. No muzzles or bullet loops can be used in this gun. You cannot attach any scope or extra mag to this gun. It's because SPAS'12 is still good without attachments. Its pellets do not spread widely, so it's pretty accurate and reliable.

In short, SPAS'12 is a powerful and reliable shotgun. Just wait and get the update to play with this new weapon.

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