PUBG Mobile has plenty of weapons with different uses and features. Some more advanced guns are given to players in the airdrops. But many non-airdrops weapons in PUBG Mobile are still powerful and reliable. Check them out below.

#10. Micro UZI

Micro UZI is one of the most popular and reliable guns in PUBG Mobile. Though it has the lowest damage among the SMG family in this game, UZI is still one of the deadliest guns in close combat.

It's because UZI is the fastest firing gun in this game. It can shoot around 22 rounds per second. So it can deal around 56o hit points per second which is even higher than M416. You can kill enemies quickly with UZI.

Micro UZI has the highest firing rate.

#9. M249

The M249 was removed from the airdrop since previous updates. When becoming a world-spawn gun in this game, M249 has been nerfed a lot. But it's still one of the best non-airdrop weapons in this game because of its large magazine.

M249 Has A Large Magazine
M249 has a large magazine

#8. Mini-14

Mini-14 is one of the oldest guns in PUBG Mobile. Players often underrated the DMR family as they are not fully aware of this weapon category in mid and long-range damage. However, Mini-14 is the best DMR because this light-weighted is pretty easy to handle with very small recoil.

Mini 14
Mini-14 is useful in mid and long-range combat.

#7. DP-28

DP-28 is the favorite weapon of many players in PUBG Mobile, including both noobs and pros. It's one of the easiest guns to use in the game with high damage but low recoil. Therefore, the game developers decided to nerf this gun to make the game more balanced, but it's still very good. That's why DP-28 is in the 7th position on this list.

Dp 28
DP-28 is easy to handle.

#6. Shotguns

Shotguns outperform DP-28 in close combat due to super-high damage per accurate hit. The newest shotgun M1014 in Livik is the best shotgun in PUBG Mobile. The second best shotgun is DBS which was also removed from the airdrop. SK12, S686, and S1897 are in the following positions. The saw-off is not good at all.

Shotguns are only useful in close combat.

#5. Kar98k & Mosin Nagant

Kar98k and Mosin Nagant share the 5th position on this list as they have almost similar statistics. Both of them are good for long-range gunfights. They are less powerful but less noisy than M24 in this game. Moreover, both Kar98k and Mosin Nagant are reliable and stable. They are light and easy to handle.

Mosin Nagant
Mosin Nagant and Kar98k are equally good.

#4. M24

M24 is better than Kar98k and Mosin Nagant. So, it's in the 4th position on the list of the best non-airdrop weapons in PUBG Mobile. Actually, M24 used to spawn in the airdrop because it was the most powerful bolt-action SR. But it was brought to the world when AWM was introduced then.

M24 Has High Headshot Damage
M24 has high headshot damage.

#3. UMP45

UMP45 is one of the best SMG weapons outside the airdrop. After a buff, it's a GOD-tier weapon now that it is used more often by pro players. It outperformed all previous versions of this gun in the past. It's really reliable and silent.

Ump45 Is Very Accurate
UMP45 is very accurate

#2. AKM & Beryl M762

M762 and AKM share the second position in the list as their statistics are pretty the same. Both of them have very high base damage. But these 7.62 ARs have great recoil. So, beginners and noobs can hardly handle these guns.

#1. M416

M416 is the most used gun in PUBG Mobile for some reason. It's the most reliable weapon that outperforms almost all other non-airdrop weapons in this game. This stable gun can cover both short and long-range gunfights.

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