PUBG Mobile players have been discussing many new myths about in-game features, such as XT weapons, parachuting, spiderman crates, and more. Here are the top new must-know PUBG Mobile facts about these features in version 1.8.

#1. XT Weapon Damage

Most PUBG Mobile players think that XT weapons in PUBG Mobile are more powerful than normal weapons. But in fact, XT weapons do not deal higher damage than normal guns. They are better than normal weapons because they are more stable and accurate than normal ones.

Xt Weapons
XT weapons have higher stability.

#2. Parachuting Myth

According to the parachuting myth, you will get stuck midair if the teammate you are following is knocked while parachuting. This case sometimes happens in this game because long-range scopes allow players to shoot down enemies parachuting in the air.

However, you still land if your teammate gets knocked midair even when you are following him. Your knocked teammate will continue to fall on the ground if he gets knocked while parachuting. Then, he will die right after landing and you cannot revive him.

Knocked teammates do not prevent you from landing.

#3. Car Crash Effect

As rumored, the car crash effect makes nearby glass windows break when you hit the wall at high speed. But it's just a rumor. No matter how fast you run and hit the house wall, you cannot break the glass window by the car crash effect.

Car Crash Cannot Break Nearby Windows
The car crash cannot break nearby windows.

#4. Spiderman Crate Myth

Spiderman crates give players a lot of advanced supplies. According to a myth, if you collect all supplies in the spiderman crate on the spawn island, you will get an empty crate if you come back to that crate after parachuting. You can test it when playing on Livik.

Mark the spiderman crate location on the minimap where you got the crate before getting on the plane. Then, jump out of the plane and head to that spot to loot the same crate. You will see it's exactly when leave the spawn island. The crate is empty and the items you had looted also disappear.

You Cannot Loot A Crate Twice
You cannot loot a crate twice in a match.

#5. Team Killing Report

You can report the toxic teammate when he kills you. PUBG Mobile is more serious about this annoying experience in the game. So, you will get a notification after being killed by the teammate in Update 1.8.

All you need to do is click on the option of Confirm & Report in the notification. That player will be reported and stopped in the game. He cannot move or do anything else.

Reported Players Cannot Move
Reported players cannot move.

#6. Jump Vehicle & Web-Shooter

If you jump out of a flying vehicle and use spiderman's web-shooter quickly, you won't get damaged from falling. But it only works when you jump out of the car when it's flying up a slope. If the car is moving on the flat road, you do not have enough time to fly with the web-shooter, so you still get damaged. It's due to the cool-down time of this new gadget.

The web-shooter has a CD time.

#7. Web-Shooter Pose

The next fact is that you cannot use the web-shooter when you are in the prone pose. If you are in the prone position, the web-shooter button does not work.

Those are some new PUBG Mobile facts that are pretty useful for you.

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