You sometimes land slowlier than other players and drop into a fray in a hot gunfight. You need good tactics and tips to survive in this creepy situation and eliminate enemies around you. Here are the best tips to play when dropping into the fray in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Use Auto Settings

To reduce the actions you have to do in the game and have more time to reflex to gunfights, you should use auto settings. Auto-Run and Auto Pickup are two useful features for PUBG Mobile players.

Then, you don't need to tap the Pickup button and hold the joystick. Then, you are more ready to fire when they spot enemies or react when falling into an ambush. You can turn on or off the Auto-Pickup option for each item and select the number of supplies you need for each match.

Auto Pickup
Enable the Auto Pickup feature.

#2. Know The Inventory Limit

There are three types of backpacks with different inventory limits. You need to know the limit of these backpacks and focus on the most necessary supplies, such as ammunition, first-aid kits, bandages, smoke and frag grenades, etc.

You don't need to loot and carry too many bullets and healing items. The heavy backpack can reduce the movement speed of your character. You can kill enemies and loot ammo and consumables from their death crate. Just keep one or two first aid kits and some bandages to heal during combat.

Only Loot The Best
Only loot the best and most important supplies.

#3. Use The Mini-map

The mini-map in the battle royale mode tells you the safe zone and the distance to the edge of it. Besides, you can also see the footstep of enemies close to you and the gun sound near your location.

When you land right in the center of the gunfight where enemies started to fire, you need to keep an eye on the mini-map to know their locations. Then, go to loot guns, armor, and bullets to get ready for combat.

Keep An Eye On The Mini Map
Keep an eye on the mini-map.

#4. Check For Nearby Vehicles

In case too many players drop before you and start to fight before you land, you should change the drop location. That hot-drop location may run out of supplies and resources. If you don't have any weapon, just turn your head to a nearby compound to loot.

Use a high-speed vehicle to escape the fray safely to loot guns, ammo, and necessary items. Then, you can come back to the border of the fray to engage when you are really ready for it. If you don't want to go after enemies, try to land faster.

Find Nearby Vehicle
Find a nearby vehicle to move into the safe zone.

#5. Go Prone

To play in the pray in PUBG Mobile, you are surrounded by many unknown enemies. Just go prone to avoid being spotted. You can still scout the surrounding area in the TPP mode when you go prone.

But you shouldn't go prone when you are uncovered in a lower position than the enemy. They can still see you from their high positions. Just go prone when you are on the rooftop to avoid being aimed and fired. Try to survive in hot-drop locations to rank up faster in this game.

Go Prone To Camp
Go prone to camp.

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