PUBG Mobile has many hot-drop locations that attract a lot of players. These places are full of enemies, gun sounds, early combat, and also early kills. Check out these pro tips to clear those hot spots and avoid becoming one of those early death crates.

Tips To Clear PUBG Mobile Hot-drop Locations

Here are some tips to clear hot-drop locations in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Clear Apartments

Most hot-drop locations in PUBG Mobile are abandoned cities or bases, such as Pochinki, School, Bootcamp, etc. Don't try to rush in those hot-drop apartments. You should let enemies rush first because rushers often die first. All you need to do is camping inside apartments and kill rushers.

Let The Enemies Rush
Let Enemies Rush In Hot-Drop Apartments.

#2. 1v4 Situation

In a panic 1v4 situation, always stay behind cover in TPP mode to spot the enemies. Don't be panic and come out of your cover to spray bullets. It may make you die. You need to knock down one by one and use frag grenades and Molotov to confirm kills and try to balance the strength of the two sides. If you have to engage in open combat with a full team, you can use some smoke grenade to cover some directions to focus on one side first.

Stay Behind Cover
Stay Behind Cover And Knock Down One By One

#3. Play Aggressively

If the enemies rush you or fire you, don't turn your back to them and try to evade them because they can still spot and kill you. Just fire back and engage right away. However, if you encounter enemies on open ground, it would be better if you have a cover, such as a rock, tree, or vehicle. That's why you should usually use a car to move in this game.

Engage If The Enemy Spot You
Engage If The Enemy Spotted You

#4. Use Automatic Weapons

You should use powerful weapons for close combat. Shotguns are powerful but it doesn't let you make mistake or miss a bullet. Therefore, SMGs and ARs are better choices because they have high rates of fire. You can spray bullets with those weapons and fire 25 - 40 bullets per ammo round. Thus, it doesn't matter much if you miss some of those bullets.

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