PUBG Mobile is a shooting survival game with fast-paced combat and thrilling action scene. In this battle royale game, a good start and strategy are important for you to get Chicken Dinner. Here are the best places for you to land and get good loot in this game. Moreover, you will learn how to land faster to get an advantage over your enemies.

Best Places To Land In Erangel

Erangel is the first map in PUBG Mobile which has been improved in the latest update 0.17.5. There are some hotspots for pro players to have good loot, such as Pochinki, Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base, and Novorepnoye. You can get a lot of good supplies in these places, such as M416, AKM, Mini-14, Kar98k, and many good attachments. Moreover, helmet, armor, and backpack level 2 are easy to find there.

Pubg Mobile Pochinki
PUBG Mobile Pochinki

If you don’t want to engage in early combat but still get good loot, you should land in School and Prison. These places are pretty rich with enough supplies for a squad. Or else, you can begin your match in two low-risk but still rich spots: Lipovka and Yasnaya Polyana.

Best Places To Land In Miramar

If you want to push your rank and don’t want to take risks, you should avoid high-risk spots, such as Campo Militar, Los Leones, and Pecado. Pecado is the best place to loot in this desert map, but it’s also the most high-risk place with lots of pro players and early combat. Impala and San Martin are two medium and low-risk places full of good loot for you to start the game. You can find a full level-2 set of helmet, vet, and backpack.

Los Leones Pubg Mobile Miramar
Los Leones In PUBG Mobile Miramar

Best Places To Land In Sanhok

The best places to loot in Sanhok are Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, Ruins, and Camp Charlie. There is so much good loot in these places that you cannot loot all of them even when you have a backpack level 3. However, these places are high-risks spots with lots of players landing here. If you want to start the game slowly and carefully, you can land on Narip, Camp Bravo, or Pai Nan. These medium-risk places have enough supplies for one to two squads.

Paradise Resort
Paradise Resort In Sanhok

How To Land Faster In PUBG Mobile?

Landing faster than enemies is very important. If you land on the map faster, you will get an advantage over the enemies. If you land later than the enemies and let them loot the guns before you, you may get killed soon. To land faster, you should point your character downward at the speed of 234km/h. Don’t open the parachute too soon. It will decrease your landing speed. You should wait until the parachute opens automatically and swing to land faster.

Landing Tip
Learn how to land faster