PUBG Mobile UMP45 has become one of the best weapons with higher base damage and better statistics now. After many updates, AKM still has the highest damage in this game. Let's compare these two guns to know which gun is better now.

#1. Damage Comparison

Both AKM and UMP45 dominate the close combat in PUBG Mobile with insane DPS. These two guns use different ammo types, so they also differ in base damage and headshot damage.

  • Chest damage: AKM's base damage of 48 HP/hit while UMP's damage is 42.8 H/hit.
  • Headshot damage of AKM is 110 while UMP45's headshot damage is 73.5 HP/hit.

Therefore, AKM is stronger than UMP45 in single shots. But the actual damage also relies on other statistics, such as the rate of fire and the accuracy.

Damage Comparison
Hitpoints of PUBG Mobile UMP45 and AKM.

#2. Rate Of Fire

The firing rate also affects the actual power of the game. The SMG UMP45 has a 10% higher rate of fire than AKM. With a higher firing speed, UMP45 deals higher damage per second. It can shoot approximately 11 bullets per second and deal around 483 HP/second.

Whereas, AKM releases 10 bullets per second and deals 480 hit points. But it's only correct when all your bullets go accurately and hit the target.

Ump45 Has Higher Rate Of Fire
UMP45 has a higher rate of fire.

#3. Effectiveness

It's undeniable that AKM has a higher headshot damage point that is enough to knock down an enemy without a helmet in one shot only. But UMP45 has a higher arm/leg damage point. Keep in mind that arms and legs are the most vulnerable parts of the body because they are not covered by armor.

Therefore, the actual damage to arms and legs does not depend on the level of armor that enemies wear. Moreover, it's easy to shoot these parts in face-to-face combat and panic situations unless you have excellent headshot skills.

UMP45 is more stable and easier to control.

#4. Recoil Comparision

AKM is always one of the most difficult guns to control. Its vertical recoil nearly doubles that of UMP45. Therefore, it's harder to shoot accurately with AKM, especially holding the crosshair stable to make a headshot.

UMP45, on the other hand, is much more stable and easier to use. Even a noob can handle UMP45 and get kill points with this SMG. Keep in mind that the more accurate bullets you shoot, the more damage you deal and the faster you kill the enemy.

Hip Fire Accuracy
UMP45 has is better for hip-fire.

#5. Hip Fire Accuracy

With lower recoil, UMP45 is more accurate and better for hip-fire. The bullet spread rate of this SMG is much smaller than AKM's. Thus, UMP45 is better for close combat, especially when you face the enemy in a very short distance and have to jiggle to dodge his bullets.

If you use AKM for hip-fire, bullets spread widely and do not hit the target accurately due to both vertical and horizontal recoil.

Ump45 Has Is Better For Hip Fire
SMGs are better for close combat.

In addition, SMGs have some advantages over ARs and other weapon types that make them prior choices in close combat, including:

  • Better aim assist;
  • Faster movement speed;
  • Higher hip-fire and jump shot accuracy;
  • Faster ADS speed.

In short, UMP45 is better for a wider scope of players, from noobs to pro players. AKM only works well in the hands of pro players.

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