PUBG Mobile 1.9 is ready to download and play now. This big update has tons of new exciting game modes and features. Here are the top new interesting myths in PUBG Mobile 1.9 that can entertain you or help you improve your gameplay.

#1. Molotov Myth

The Molotov is an increasingly useful throwable in PUBG Mobile. According to the first myth, you can throw a Molotov from the top staircase of the Apartment Building in Erangel, the flame can spread to the lower staircase to kill the enemy.

After testing it, this myth is confirmed. The burning scope of this throwable is really wide. You can place some gas cans between two staircases to trap enemies and kill them with both the explosion and burning damage.

Molotov Myth
The Molotov Cocktail is really useful for campers in the School Apartment in Erangel. 

#2. Mountain Bike Myth

The myth says that if you keep tapping the speed boost button, your mountain bike will run faster than when you hold it. This bike is ready to ride in the current version. You can ask your friend to test the speed with you to compare which way makes your bike run faster.

Tapping the speed boost button actually makes the bike faster than holding it. So, this myth is confirmed. You can use this way to move faster and escape the attack when you get shot while riding in the open ground.

Keep Tapping
Keep tapping the speed boost button to run faster on your bike.

#3. Energy Drink Myth

According to the myth of consumables, using two Energy Drinks at once has better healing effects than using one by one. This myth is confirmed though the difference is not very big. Besides, each method has its own benefit. In specific,

  • Consuming two Energy Drinks at once has a bit better healing effect but it takes a longer time because you need to open the backpack to use.
  • If you consume one by one, you can use the shortcut button of Energy Drink next to the HP bar. It's faster and more convenient.
Consume Energy Drinks
Consuming two Energy Drinks at once helps you recover faster. 

#4. Teamkill Myth

If you accidentally kill a teammate in the squad mode and cannot move after getting reported, you can ask another teammate to kill you with an explosion and recall you, then you can move. This myth is busted.

You cannot move even after being recalled to the battleground. So, play with your permanent friends and apologize if you accidentally kill them. You may lose your account if you get reported by any violation.

Teamkill Myth
You will get stuck for the whole match after being reported for 

#5. Backpack Myth

According to this myth, if you unequip an equipped scope from your gun, it can still fit a full backpack. It sounds impossible but this myth is confirmed. It really works and helps you store useful attachments for later utility. But you can only do it once. The next time you unequip the scope, it will drop on the ground.

Backpack Myth
The backpack capacity can be expanded by one scope.

Players can learn some tips and tricks to play better from these new myths in PUBG Mobile 1.9. Then, they can over-perform other players to get Chicken Dinner and avoid stupid mistakes.

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