PUBG Mobile 1.9 is a big update with tons of new features, including a mountain bike and a secret room. There are many tips and tricks to use this new vehicle effectively. Check them out here.

#1. Carry Teammates On Bike

The mountain bike is a single-seat vehicle for one rider only. But you can carry a teammate on your mountain bike with this pro tip.

  • You get on the bike but don't move.
  • Let your teammate jump on the bike from your back.
  • Then, he must go prone or crouch.

In this way, that teammate won't fall off the bike as long as you ride on the flat road at normal speed. This tip is very useful when your team finds only one bike but you need to rush into the safe zone.

Carry A Teammate On The Bike
You can carry a teammate on the bike.

#2. New Secret Room

There is a new station building in PUBG Mobile 1.9 with some loots. This new station house has a secret room. You need an access card to enter the room and loot supplies in that room. But you can use this tip to loot some supplies in that secret room.

  • Go to the roof of the secret room.
  • Jump down right behind the back wall of the secret room and stand on the narrow edge.
  • Go around that edge and get a level-3 helmet and military vest.

But you cannot get all loots in that room. If you want to loot this room, you have to get the card to open the door.

Loot Supplies
You can loot some supplies through the back slab of the secret room.

#3. Use Mountain Bike To Block Doors

If you open and park a mountain bike at the door at the top of the staircase, enemies cannot go through that door. The mountain bike can block the doorway or staircase for a while.

Then, you will have more time to escape, reload bullets, heal your HP, or prepare for the combat. You can also kill the opponent while he is busying getting through the blocked way.

If the enemy uses the bike to block the door, you can pick up the bike to remove it faster than trying to jump through it until it falls down.

Block Other Players
Block other players for a while with the bike.

#4. Mountain Bike Can Go Over All Hills

There are man hills that you cannot climb and go through on foot, but the mountain bike can. This vehicle is designed for mountainous terrains. Therefore, it can move on all unclimbable hills.

For example, you cannot climb up nearly vertical slopes in this game. But if you use the mountain bike, you can easily go up to the top of the slope.

Use The Bike To Climb
Use the bike to climb unclimbable slopes.

#5. Power Of Mountain Bike

It sounds crazy but the mountain bike collision can flip other vehicles for real, including motorbikes, Buggy, Dacia, and even a UAZ. If you collide another vehicle face to face with a mountain bike, both vehicles will flip and you will fall down the bike.

Moreover, the mountain bike is indestructible. Unlike other vehicles, the mountain bike does not have a gas tank. So, you cannot shoot to burst it or destroy it with fire or explosions.

Mountain Bike Power
The new bike is very useful.

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