M417 can be the newest weapon in PUBG Mobile in the next update. It's expected to be a powerful gun that uses 5.56mm ammunition. Check out the details of the new gun M417 here.

New Gun M417 Damage

M417 is available in Game for Peace - the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI. This DMR has got some changes when it comes to PUBG Mobile, such as the ammunition. This DRM uses 5.56mm ammo instead of 7.62mm ammo as it must do in real life.

Therefore, it's still powerful in close and mid-range combat. But the damage will drop a lot in long-range fights due to the lower bullet penetration of this ammo type. However, its base damage is still high which is equal to that of AKM and Groza (47 HP per hit to the chest without armor).

M417 Pubg Mobile
M417 PUBG Mobile is a DMR.

Firing Modes

Though the new gun M417 has two firing modes, including single and full-auto, you cannot spray bullets in the automatic mode. It's the biggest weakness of this new DMR. Its low rate of fire can make it less preferred in a shooting game like PUBG Mobile.

Despite the low firing rate of the full-auto mode, it's luckily pretty easy to use. You don't need to tap the fire button continuously. Just hold the fire button and lock the aim at the target accurately to make sure that it does not jump and choke up too much.

You Cannot Spray Bullets
You cannot spray bullets.

Scopes & Attachments

Fortunately, M417 supports all scope attachments, from Holo and Red dot to 8x scope. So, the target will be magnified larger for better aiming and accuracy. It's very essential and useful in mid-range and long-range combat.

You must find an extended mag for this new DMR because it can hold only 10 bullets in the default mag. Luckily, its reload duration is very low. M417 is a flexible gun with one of the fastest reloading processes in PUBG Mobile now. It takes you only around 2 seconds to reload bullets.

Pubg Mobile New Gun
This gun supports all scope attachments from the red dot to an 8x scope.

The real power of PUBG Mobile M417 is still unknown in this game until it's actually released. Just wait to see and use this new weapon and test its damage. This gun is expected to become the most powerful 5.56 weapon in this game.

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