The mountain bike and secret room are two interesting features in PUBG Mobile & BGMI. You can use some tips and tricks to use these features effectively and win the game.

#1. Enter Secret Room With Bike

The secret room in the small police station requires an access card to enter. But you can enter it without this card by using the mountain bike. To enter the room, you keep pressing the Jump and Up buttons while moving towards the door.

Then, both your character and the bike teleport through the door. To exit the room, you repeat this method. That's the method to access and exit the secret room without the access card.

Get Into The Secret Room
Get into the secret room.

#2. Access Card Location

You can only find the access card of the police station secret room in a nearby house which is under 400 meters away from the room. The card does not spawn far from the secret room. So, you should check nearby houses next to the police station.

#3. Use The Closed-Top UAZ

The UAZ with a covered top gives players more protection than the uncovered UAZ from the top and back. But if the enemy shoots from the front or two sides of the vehicle, they can still take the driver and passengers down in both cars.

Closed Top Uaz Is Safer
Closed-top UAZ is safer.

#4. Jump In The Vibrant Plaza

PUBG Mobile players can do a super jump in the vibrant plaza with a buggy. You can park the buggy in the jump pad on the platform of Vibrant Plaza. Then, switch to the back seat and let a teammate get in the driver's seat.

After that, you can do a super jump from your seat by tapping the Exit button. It's not only fun but also useful to surprise second-floor campers. But you can also get killed by fall damage.

Do A Super Jump
Do a super jump.

#5. Nimbus Island Coins

On Nimbus Island, you should collect a coin of the same color with your head to get double shop tokens. If you get the coin with a different color, you get only one token. Therefore, you should find the token with the same color to loot faster and exchange decent supplies.

#6. Hide Under Bikes

PUBG Mobile mountain bike also has many other uses, such as covering. But you need around 5-6 mountain bikes to troll enemies. Loot more than five mountain bikes and drop them in a place. Then, go prone under these bikes and the heap of bikes will cover your character well.

From the perspective of the enemy, they cannot spot you. But their bullets can still hit you can cause damage. To store many bikes without using the backpack space, you should pick up the mountain bikes inside houses and buildings.

Hide Under The Heap Of Bikes
Hide under the heap of bikes.

#7. Reach Laboratory's Top

PUBG Mobile and BGMI players are always advised to take high places to camp and observe the surrounding area better. But the stair to the top of the laboratory is blocked. But you can use the mountain bike to get through these obstacles. When your head is stuck, you should keep pressing the button combo of Jump, Speed Boost, and Accelerate to get through it.

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