PUBG Mobile is going to release the official version of Livik - one of the two most favorite maps in the game now. Check out some new features and changes in the official Livik here.

#1. Graphics

The official Livik looks pretty different from the old map due to the new graphics. It's still a 2x2 map with fast-paced matches and a high spawn rate of supplies. But the change in graphic quality makes it looks like a new map.

Here are some significant changes in the graphics that you can easily see on this official map.

  • You can see a big welcome gate with a multi-colored alley at the entrance of Midstein;
  • There is a megamall with three large buildings for players to go shopping marked randomly on the map. The location of the megamall will change every match.
  • Like the Aftermath map in PUBG, the official Livik in PUBG Mobile also has an active volcano in the southwest of the map.
  • The zipline is also enhanced. Players can use it to cross the river and reach the other riverbank quickly. The landing animation also looks more realistic and impressive.
Megamall In Livik
Visit the new Megamall in Livik.

#2. New Feature: Berries

The official Livik brings players an unexpected pleasure with new bushes of berries all around the map. These sweet berries can release your thirst and recover 40% water, which functions like an Energy Drink.

Each berry bush can be harvested once a match. These bushes often grow in open ground without shadows and covers. Therefore, you should be careful when picking berries to eat because enemies can easily spot you.

Pick Berries
Pick berries to eat.

#3. Football Ground

Football fans have a playground in the northwest of Bloomster with a smaller size. But it's not a ground for exciting football matches because PUBG Mobile is still a survival game. You can see three big balls on the ground.

There are two ways to interact with the ball:

  • Tap on the kick button to dribble the ball;
  • Hold the kick button to pent up for a power shot.

Once players score, they will get some shop tokens to purchase supplies from vendors or the megamall.

Play Soccer
Play soccer in PUBG Mobile.

#4. Loot Crates

The official Livik in the upcoming update will have more loot crates than on the old Livik map. There are two types of loot crates all around the map with two different colors.

  • The blue crates give players supplies for combat and survival.
  • The gold crates give players shop tokens to purchase supplies from vendors and megamall.

You can easily spot these loot crates on high stones, in the Ruins, and around the river mouth area. Don't miss these crates if you are safe enough to loot. You can get more tokens from these gold crates than when scoring on the football ground.

Find And Open Loot Crate
Find and open loot crates.

#5. XT Upgrade Crate

The new XT Upgrade Crate is the biggest change in official Livik. But it's still limited in the weapon categories. You can upgrade these five weapons below to XT weapons, including:

  • AKM;
  • M416;
  • P90;
  • Mk12;
  • M24.

Players need to use shop tokens to purchase these weapon upgrade kits at any shop vendor around the map to upgrade their weapons to XT level. After upgrading, these weapons have some better stats, such as lower recoil, shorter reload duration, mag capacity, etc.

Upgrade Crates
You can purchase XT Upgrade Crates for five weapons.

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