Emergency Pickup is a new feature in PUBG Mobile 2.0. It's available in the Ranked and Unranked Erangel and Miramar maps. Check out how to use it and get Chicken Dinner.

Learn How To Use Emergency Pickup
Learn how to use emergency pickup

#1. How To Get Emergency Pickup

Emergency Pickup is a new purchasable gadget in PUBG Mobile 2.0. It can help up to four players move to the safe zone quickly. So, your team can dash into the playing zone in a few seconds.

PUBG Mobile players can find this item in many resource points scattered around the map. After you pick up the Emergency pack on the ground, it will be available to use from the Quick Item section.

Fly To The Safe Zone
Use it to fly to the safe zone quickly with the whole team.

#2. How To Deploy Emergency Pickup

But it's a bit risky to use the Emergency pack because it takes up to 7 seconds for players to deploy the pack. Therefore, you and your teammates need to check the surrounding area before using the Emergency Pickup.

A hot balloon will be launched to guide the aircraft after you open the Emergency Pickup. That's why you have to open the pack on open ground. You cannot open it if you are in a house or vehicle. Then, wait until the plane comes to pick up your team and take you to the safe zone.

If the surrounding area is safe, the whole team can approach and tap on the Attack button on the screen to connect the beacon while waiting for the plane to get ready to fly up. Keep an eye on the minimap and jump down to land when you reach the targeted location.

Wait For The Plane
Wait for the plane to come and pick up your team.

#3. How Emergency Pickup Benefits You

While flying in the air, you also have a stunning aerial view over the map and can spot enemies from the sky. But keep in mind that enemies on the ground can see you on the parachute and shoot you down. Therefore, you need to land behind a safe cover right away and get ready before engaging.

You can also predict and land in the center of the final circle and camp till the end of the match. Getting into the final circle before other players gives you a great advantage over enemies.

Moreover, smart players can use the Emergency pack to bait and surprise the enemy. Here's how it works.

  • Camp in the center of the final zone;
  • Draw the enemy's attention with a gun sound until they fire back and reveal their position;
  • Secretly open an Emergency Pickup and land on their back quietly to surprise them.

Those are the best tips and tricks to get benefits from the new Emergency pack in PUBG Mobile 2.0. Use it wisely to get Chicken Dinner in Erangel and Miramar on both Ranked and Unranked modes.

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