PUBG Mobile players can play the Payload 2.0 game mode today. This interesting game mode allows players to download and experience today. Check out the Payload map and gameplay here.

Payload 2.0 Mode Returns

The map of payload 2.0 is only 15MB, which is pretty small to download. You can use heavy weapons and armored vehicles equipped with rocket launchers. It's exclusively available on the legendary Erangel map. Here are interesting features in Payload 2.0.

Payload 2 0
Payload 2.0 is back today.
  • Defense Fortresses

Defense Fortresses are certain buildings spawned randomly in Erangel. Players cannot enter these locked buildings in the match's early stages. Your squad can enter the Defense Fortress when it's unlocked to loot high-quality weapons and gears.

But don't enter an unlocked Fortress if the enemy occupied it. They may have better weapons and armor sets which give them a bigger advantage over your team. You can also set an ambush around the building after looting these rooms to get some easy kills.

Defense Fortresses
Find Defense Fortresses for good loots.
  • Bomb Suit

The high-quality armor set, Bomb Suit, is a special armor type. You can loot it in the Defense Fortresses. This high-quality armor set can protect you from bombs by reducing the damage your character takes from the explosion.

You won't die immediately when the enemy projectiles grenades to kill you. You should have one Bomb Suit in this new game mode to stay alive from heavy weapon attacks. In Payload 2.0, players are more likely to die of grenades and bomb explosions.

Bomb Suit
Get Bomb Suits to stay alive in explosions.
  • Heavy Weapons

The best feature of Payload 2.0 is the collection of heavy weapons such as RPGs and Grenade Launchers. Players can blow off enemies with these weapons and break the door of the secret room in the Military Base and Prison for better loots.

These heavy weapons often have higher damage per hit than normal weapons. But they are also harder to aim because it's harder to make the grenades and bombs fly, drop, and explode as expected.

Heavy Weapons
Heavy weapons
  • Armed Vehicles

There are a lot of exclusive armed vehicles in Payload 2.0 in PUBG Mobile. You cannot find them in any other game modes in this game. You can find trucks and UAZ with automatic guns and grenade launchers to shoot in the open ground and race tracks on the battlefield.

Besides, you can find some helicopters in  SchoolPochinki, and Military Base in Payload 2.0. It's also an exclusive vehicle in this game mode. Lots of players want to fly, so the helicopter locations are often hot-drop spots on the map in Payload 2.0.

Armed Vehicles
Armed vehicles

Tips To Win Payload 2.0

Veterans may master Payload 2.0, but rookies may feel stressed in heavy weapon combat. Here are the best tips and tricks to win this game mode and get more Chicken Dinner for the rest of the update.

  • Always has a backup weapon for the grenade launcher and missile launcher.
  • Find a vehicle to move more safely in the open ground.
  • Maintain high altitude when driving the helicopter and turn left or right when being aimed by the missile launcher.

Heavy weapons and armed vehicles make you win in this game mode. If you don't know how to use them or don't like them, you should play in the classic mode.

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