PUBG Mobile Payload Mode is a new EvoGrounds game mode coming on Oct 16, 2019, with lots of new elements. It brings PUBG Mobile players heaps of exciting things, such as missile launchers, grenade launchers, helicopters, airstrikes, etc.

Most of us are getting used to the new gameplay and items in this game mode. Here are five useful tips that help you kill more enemies in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode and get Chicken Dinner.

Tencent Releases A New Evoground Game Mode E739_wm
Tencent Releases A New Evoground Game Mode

Weapons GALORE!

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode gives players dozens of heavy weapons and airstrikes such as missile and grenade launchers. Besides, you still get familiar guns like ARs, SMGs, SRs, and existing grenades in ranking modes. The tip is getting these new weapons as the second gun to make explosions in combats. These weapons can come in handy and give you some easy kills.

M134 Minigun sometimes has greater damage than your entire team. Or else, you can clear other squads by making explosions with M3E1-A or M79 missile launchers or MGL grenade launcher. Combine one of these new heavy weapons with your favorite ARs, SRs, or SMGs.

Use New Weapons In Payload Mode 5b46_wm
Use New Weapons In Payload Mode

Take Advantage of Unique Items in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

Every new element in Payload mode is advantageous in certain situations. For example, M3E1-A missile launcher can destroy vehicles and also kill enemies by greatly-damaging explosions. MGL or M79 can help you save package space as you no longer need to carry grenades. Don’t ignore vehicle kits since they can give you a new vehicle to dash into the safe zone. Also, remember to use the healing-while-moving feature which can only be used in this mode.

Respawn Your Teammates

Additionally, Payload Mode gives dead players chances to come back to the battle. When your teammates are killed, try to pick up their ID cards. Then, you need to rush to the nearest Communication Tower and recall them on the battlefield. The Communication Towers are marked by blue spots on the mini-map. And the ID card will expire after two minutes. So, try to avoid firefights and revive your teammate first. Remember that in squad mode, a squad is much stronger than solo players.

Recall Your Teammates 29ac_wm
Recall Your Teammates

Use Airstrike Beacon

When your enemies are sheltering on higher ground or behind hills, ridges, you should use an airstrike beacon. This element can make a small red zone to break the enemies’ defenses. Then, you can shoot at them while they are running to find cover from the bombs. You have to stay away from the zone you have chosen to set bombs.

Drive Helicopters

Helicopters in the super giant Erangel map of Payload mode are very helpful. Especially, when you are rushing to the play zone or chasing faraway airdrops Super Weapon Crates, fly on a helicopter. However, your squad may take the risk of being attacked by tracking missiles while using this vehicle. Thus, you should keep flying high. Staying close to the ground makes it easy for your enemies to target and shoot you down.

Helicopter In Pubg Mobile Payload Mode C900_wm
Helicopter In Pubg Mobile Payload Mode

Those are the top five handy tips to play like a pro player in PUBG Mobile Payload mode. Get used to this new game mode and enjoy exciting gaming experiences with amazing Payload mode.