Ancient Secret Arise is a new game mode in PUBG Mobile 2.0. It comes to the game as a new game mode but not a collaboration event in previous updates. Check out the gameplay and some tips to win this new game mode here.

Ancient Secret Arise Gameplay

The new game mode Ancient Secret Arise 2.0 is the combination of two old collaboration events, including Ancient Secret and Mirror World. It's easy to realize through the gameplay of this new game mode.

  • You land on the Erangel map with 99 other players;
  • There are many small and big Ancient Temples scattered all around the map and even floating in the sky. These temples have lots of supplies for players to loot and get ready for fierce combat, especially in the latter stages of the match because the supply spawn rate is higher in these temples;
  • You can solve puzzles in these temples to get better supply crates with more advanced weapons and gears;
  • Devils will spawn in these temples and attack players. They are more dangerous than demons in previous events;
  • There are some giant up-side-down Pyramids on the shoulder of the giant Pharaon statues floating in the sky with more decent supplies;
Ancient Secret Arise 2022
Ancient Secret Arise 2022

Better Features In Ancient Secret 2.0

Two giant floating Pyramids have many puzzles with lots of rewards and tokens to exchange for weapons in gears in Vendor machines on the map. It's pretty similar to the old Ancient Secret collaboration event last year. But Ancient Secret in PUBG Mobile 2.0 still has some updates:

  • A higher supply spawn rate: You can find more decent supplies in these temples and Pyramids. It makes these locations hot spots of combat in this game mode.
  • More puzzles to solve: PUBG Mobile adds more puzzles that are both interesting and challenging to solve.

When exploring these temples and pyramids, be careful with both enemies and monsters here. These monsters deal higher damage than in previous versions. Luckily, their HP is not too high. So, you need some loads of bullets when shooting with SMGs or M416 to take them down.

Ancient Secret Arise
Two giant Pharaon statues on the map.

How to solve puzzles?

If you have played Genshin Impact and solved puzzles in Inazuma, column puzzles in PUBG Mobile ancient temples are not challenging to you. You only need to interact with two levers on two sides of the column until you get the right patterns. Or else, you only need to find and shoot some insects to unlock loot chests.

New Recall Feature In Ancient Secret 2.0

A very impressive feature in Ancient Secret Arise 2022 is the self-recall feature. You don't need to wait for teammates to recall you. Players who are killed will have another chance to come back to the battlefield. It makes a lot of players happy, especially those who play solo or team up with random players.

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