PUBG Mobile 2.0 and later updates have more interesting game modes and events. But it's also more challenging because veterans are more professional and skillful. New sensitivity settings will help you get Chicken Dinner.

Update Sensitivity
Update new sensitivity settings to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile.

New Sensitivity Settings

You need to make some huge changes to the settings in PUBG Mobile 2.0. In previous versions, a lot of players thought that high sensitivity levels make them play better. Therefore, they used to learn from the sensitivity settings of pro players and increase their sensitivity high.

But it does not work for normal players. You may miss half of your bullets due to shakiness and instability with too high sensitivity, especially for Gyro players who set their sensitivity to 400%. This mistake makes lots of players lose the game.

New Gyro Sensitivity
New Gyro sensitivity setting for the new meta of the game.

In fact, lower sensitivity makes your bullets more accurate. So, you can connect more accurate shots when you lower your sensitivity settings for all scopes and perspectives. Here are some recommended sensitivity settings for Gyro players.

  • 3rd and 1st person no scope: 200%;
  • Red dot, holographic, aim assist: 300%;
  • 2x scope: 275%;
  • 3x scope and Win 94: 150%;
  • 4x scope and VSS: 175%;
  • 6x scope: 100%;
  • 8x scope: 40%.

After getting familiar with this setting and master your all your bullets, you can increase them slightly by 10 to 20%. But make sure that you master the gun recoil at low sensitivity first before increasing it or you may spray bullets to the sky.

High Sensitivity Makes Your Gun Choke Up
High sensitivity may make the barrel of your gun choke up when you spray bullets.

Customize Gyro Sensitivity

One of the biggest challenges to the PUGB Mobile players is controlling the recoil of some weapons, such as AKM and Beryl M762. Fortunately, PUBG Mobile allows players to customize the sensitivity of each weapon.

AR sensitivity updates

Most weapons can be used at the same sensitivity level, but some weapons with high recoil require different sensitivity settings. For example, you can copy the Camera and ADS sensitivity setting for all weapons to use for your AKM. Then, you should adjust the Gyro sensitivity of AKM to reduce the gun recoil.

  • Increase the Gyro sensitivity for Red dot, Holo, and Aim Assist to 400%;
  • Slightly increase the sensitivity for 2x scope to 325%;
  • 3x scope and Win94: 250%;
  • 4x scope and VSS: 275%.
Customize Weapon Sensitivity For Ars
Customize weapon sensitivity for your favorite ARs to reduce the gun recoil.

Then, you can copy this setting to the customized sensitivity setting for Beryl M762 and the weapon that has great recoil. ARs in PUBG Mobile often have greater recoil than other weapon categories.

SR sensitivity updates

For sniper rifles, you should decrease the sensitivity levels for 2x scope and above as below:

  • 2x scope: 200%;
  • 3x scope and Win94: 125%;
  • 4x scope and VSS: 100%.

It works for all sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile. Each player in PUBG Mobile and BGMI has a default sensitivity setting for all weapons. However, players can adjust the sensitivity based on the actual condition of their devices.

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